Discovery Program


The mission of Florida Christian School’s Discovery ESE Department is to meet the needs of students with various learning differences, as well as develop successful independent learners, in an environment that is not only conducive to learning, but also providing strong biblical support.  Our support services begin with students at the Elementary level continuing into High School. 

Discovery Services

Under the umbrella ESE program there are a variety of services that are provided to our students: 

The A.C.E. program is an engaging and innovative learning environment designed to equip learners with unique abilities in a small classroom setting. Students participating in the A.C.E. program will receive godly instruction through research-based individualized alternative academic curriculum, therapeutic intervention, and executive functioning skills training. A.C.E. students are a valued part of the Patriot family and fully participate in Bible classes, electives, schoolwide functions, and extra-curricular activities. The goal of the A.C.E. program is to prepare learners to successfully transition into the general education learning environment for all subject areas. Program acceptance is based on panel review of all documentation, testing and interview.

Academic Enhancement welcomes students of all aptitudes, including but not limited to students enrolled in AP/honors classes and students with unique abilities. During our small group sessions, we strive to assist with executive functioning, concepts currently taught in class, remediation and biblically based social emotional learning. This specialized program prepares students to self-advocate and take ownership of their learning, in preparation for a successful collegiate and professional future. Ultimately, our team’s expert teachers strive to ensure all our students receive an education that spotlights their talents and prepares them to be a beacon of Christ’s light through love and excellence in all they do.

Our educational therapy program is a biblically based intervention program designed to target identified learning deficits. Our team of therapists are trained in the most recent techniques developed by the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).  We believe that by equipping a student with the right tools for learning, they can and will become successful, independent, life-long learners. The program is aimed to reinforce vulnerabilities in cognitive skills (i.e., memory, attention, processing, and reasoning) as well as strengthen executive function skills such as planning, organizing and self-regulation as determined by each student’s psycho-educational assessment.   Through the use of various research-based techniques, we work with students to stretch and strengthen the brain by means of cognitive stimulation.  Our sessions are focused on individualized intervention to meet the specific needs of each student.

Elementary Intervention Programs:  Our Reading and Math Labs are designed, using an array of strategies, including but not limited to hands on learning, computer programs, and STREAM activities that would benefit each student’s unique needs. Our interventionist will initially assess and use existing data for each student to design an individualized intervention plan that will facilitate the student with the goal of bridging identified academic gaps.

Our Search and Teach program is designed to establish and implement a preventative therapeutic plan to target the needs of students in Kindergarten through First Grade who are presenting specific learning deficiencies in various cognitive areas.  We believe that early detection of at-risk students is crucial in assisting them in achieving their maximum academic potential later in life.  The students are assessed using a specialized assessment tool which allows us to identify and begin to implement individualized intervention.  We use fun and engaging activities that are specifically designed to target these areas for growth.

In an effort to ensure all our students who have unique abilities receive the upmost quality of education, our school’s Discovery Department collaborates with teachers to conduct quarterly reviews of the academic progress of every student with a Student Education Plan. Students receiving this service must maintain proper evaluations on file.

Florida Christian School is committed to providing appropriate academic accommodations providing that the need for such accommodations is documented and are reasonable and do not create undue hardship to the school.

Admission Process

For acceptance into the Discovery Program, the application process must be completed through the Admissions page.  In addition to the regular admission process, consideration for the Discovery program also requires:

  • A psycho-educational evaluation, completed within the past 3 years
  • FCS’ admissions testing
  • Approval by the Discovery team ( based on availability)

Please refer to the Admissions page for information regarding the admission process.

There is an additional fee for the Discovery Program. Please contact Nicole Cloud, Discovery ESE Coordinator, for more information at305-226-8152 ex. 270 or n.cloud@floridachristian.org



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Meet our Staff


Director of ESE

Kristine Miro, BS, MS
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Discovery ESE Coordinator & Educational Therapist

Nicole Cloud
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