A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL



Maintain our focus on Jesus Christ so that He remains the center of all we do.

Objectives –

* Maintain a strong Biblical studies curriculum and philosophy that teaches the truths of the Bible and God’s redemptive plan through understanding and the tangible application of God’s Word.

* Maintain a strong chapel program that involves a strong school chaplain, FCS faculty and staff, local church leaders, and other speakers, dynamic worship music, and passionate prayer.

* Develop and implement an emphasis of FCS students “On Mission.” Emphasize ministry to the local community and to missions abroad.

* Continue to teach every subject from a distinctively Christian worldview position and an emphasis on Christian discipleship by helping students form a Christian discipleship worldview where they learn to read, listen, think, and communicate as Christian disciples in all areas of life.


Retain, hire, and develop outstanding teachers who are strong in their faith and effective in the classroom

Objectives –

* Continue to offer competitive salaries and benefits to faculty and staff.

* Retain and recruit well-trained and certified faculty and staff.

* Provide for and enable faculty to continuously grow through professional

development opportunities.

• Continue to emphasize higher level education by assisting faculty members’ in obtaining advanced degrees

* Consistently focus on staff morale and satisfaction.

* Conduct meaningful faculty and staff formal and informal observations, focused on student engagement and use of technology, that provides candid feedback for re-enforcement and growth to the instructor.

* Celebrate and give public recognition when appropriate or applicable, to build TEAM spirit and a feeling of value within the faculty.

* Provide the mechanism for teachers to participate and provide input in decision making processes that affect the classroom and the overall school climate.

* Continue the Step Pay Program which allows faculty members to advance in their pay through degree, experience, professional development, and leadership.


Provide an excellent academic program.

Objectives –

* Maintain full accreditation status with FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, joint accreditation through AdvancED (SACS-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), MSA (Middle States Association of Schools), NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation), and remain recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education.

* Stay ahead of the mean with regards to technology (to include Mimeo boards, Surface Pro devices, projectors, document cameras, and other technological advancements) in every classroom.

* Maintain a staff member dedicated to the training and development of the use of technology in the classrooms.

* Remain strong in our elective opportunities with a focus on our Fine Arts Programs (art, vocal music, band music, and drama).

* Consistently review all curriculum areas a minimum of every five years.

* Continue to hire the highest caliber of fully certified instructors.

* Continue effort to provide opportunities for our Student Support Team which includes programs to assist students with IEP’s, study skills, and reading needs, as well as educational therapy through the Discovery Program and ACE program.

* Continue to focus on the Patriot Scholars program in the high school.


Strengthen FCS’s financial health


* Meet all basic financial needs through tuition and fees.

* Continue to develop a plan for limited, yet strategic, capital fundraising to meet specific needs, such as building projects, technology, and financial aid.

* Continue to offer generous financial aid to families and local pastors who demonstrate a financial need.

* Continue to maintain a Board designated cash reserve fund by setting aside 3% of the annual income.


Increase student enrollment


* Maintain our focus on the school’s commitment to a well-rounded Christian education

* Sustain marketing focus on re-enrolling current FCS families at 90%+ each year.

* Effectively promote the school to families in the Miami-Dade community, through strategic marketing, use of social media and special events.

* Maintain an effective and efficient website.

* Continue to improve the emphasis on communication with current families.

* Continue the development of summer athletic camps, fine arts camps, and summer programs.

* Continue the marketing focus to Christian and private schools in Dade County whose grade level ends at 5th and 8th grades.

* The Headmaster should build new relationships with local pastors to support Christian education.


Expand our student activities to enhance the school experience for students


* Continue excellence in athletics and fine arts programs.

* Continue emphasis on adding extra-curricular programs.

* Continue to focus on in school and after school clubs to reach the interests of more students.

* Maintain a student leadership forum once per semester for students identified as leaders.

* Create and maintain a Patriots On Mission program to help provide for the needs of others and reach them for Christ in the local and foreign mission fields.

* Continue the junior and senior retreats to promote class unity

* Continue the Senior Trip to Europe as an adventure to cap off the FCS experience.


Continued vision on expansion and maintenance of facilities


* Continue attention to cleanliness and maintenance of the Florida Christian School facilities.

* Develop a new master plan (site plan, building plan) which includes a Performing Arts Center, additional classroom buildings on both campuses, and the elimination of houses used for school programs.

* Continue to bring every classroom up to SMAART21 standards

* Continue to look for offsite properties to expand the ACE (Academic Collaboration and Excellence) program to reach students with specialized learning needs that cannot be accommodated in the regular classrooms.


Maintain a comprehensive school security plan designed to maximize the safety of students and school personnel.


* Continue to provide for an on sight head of security who has law enforcement experience and is appropriately qualified to carry a weapon on campus.

* Continue to develop the FCS school security plan through additional security cameras, uniformed officers on site daily, hardening of classroom doors,

specialized training for faculty and students for active shooters and other emergency situations

* Maintain close partnerships with local law enforcement agencies

* Maintain a school security council comprised of school parents and associates who have law enforcement and legal experience.

* Provide intentional training for all school faculty and personnel for school emergency situations including evacuations, lockdown, and active shooter threats.

* Maintain a comprehensive video camera system to monitor public areas on campus

* Provide for door locking and hardening systems which help prevent access to classrooms during a lockdown.

* Maintain a school ID system which includes a background check for guests when entering the campus.

* Provide ID for all school personnel and students to be visible at all times while on campus.

* Expand the electronic card control access to all gates, doors, and buildings of the school.

* Conduct an annual school safety and security assessment.


Work toward providing for the success and future of the school through prayerful long range planning


* Promote more active engagement and accountability of Board committees in developing and the assessment of school policy

* Actively engage in the discussion of the headmaster and principal succession process

* Continue to prayerfully seek out and vet potential Board members based on their qualifications and ability to positively impact the board function

* Assist in developing a spirit of giving throughout the school processes by promoting a spirit of annual giving.