Weekly Word – Oct. 26, 2020

Years ago a popular spot on ESPN’s weekly NFL broadcast was called C’mon Man!!  It became a fan favorite and also a hit on social media and the Youtube circuit. The videos in these segments depicted unusual, funny, or really stupid things that players, coaches, and fans do at sports events. What each of these moments have in common is that they leave you scratching your head and wondering…What were they thinking? C’MON MAN!!!

One of my favorite C’mon man sports moments happened years ago at the end of the University of California vs. Stanford University football game. Stanford had kicked a late field goal and was ahead of California by 3 points. With four seconds left to play. California received the kickoff and begin lateraling the ball in desperation, trying to keep the ball alive and score. They were able to advance the ball down the field, but when the clock hit zero the Stanford marching band, apparently oblivious to the game still proceeding, marched out onto the field providing just enough interference for the California player to score the winning touchdown. C’MON MAN!!

The current political season has been full of C’mon Man moments as well, but may I suggest that the Bible is also full of these moments where individuals make ridiculous and foolish decisions. So even in the Bible, sometimes we just have to scratch our heads and say C’mon Man! The scene is the Garden of Eden. Adam has experienced walking and talking with the Creator God of the universe. God has created a beautiful mate for him from his own flesh and given him authority over all the living creatures. All God asked in return was for Adam and Eve to refrain from eating the fruit of one tree, but instead of obeying God, he yielded to the temptation of a snake and his beautiful wife’s reasoning. All of this resulted in a lot of pain, sweat, and tears for everyone born since that decision. C’MON MAN!

David was just a shepherd boy and the youngest of his brothers. God sent Samuel to anoint him as his chosen one to become the king of Israel. David asked God for and received the ability to kill the giant Goliath. God spared David’s life many times as King Saul sought to kill him. David became the King of Israel and ruled from Jerusalem fulfilling God’s promise to him and giving him the opportunity to win victory after victory for Israel. But after David won many victories in the name of Jehovah God and was beginning to make plans to build the Temple, David yielded to the temptation of a beautiful woman, had her husband killed and lied about what he had done. C’MON MAN!

The fisherman Peter witnessed Jesus fill his nets with more fish than he had ever seen before. Peter saw Jesus heal the blind and raise the dead. He witnessed Jesus stand against the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and send them away shaking their heads because they could not refute his knowledge of the scriptures and the wisdom that he had in dealing with people. Peter heard Jesus teach thousands of people about the kingdom of God and then feed all of them from a boy’s lunch. Peter sat with Jesus at the Passover dinner and promised that he was willing to go to prison for him and even was willing to die for him. But when a little girl accused him of being with Jesus during Jesus’ appearance before the high priest, he cursed at her and denied knowing Jesus. C’MON MAN!

Fast forward to our world today. Everywhere people turn there is no peace. Politics offers no hope of solving the problems that people are experiencing in their lives. More and more people around the world are homeless, sick and starving. In many countries, radicals are conducting a systematic elimination of those who do not believe in their religion. In America, where even our poor are better off than the majority of the world’s population, evil abounds. Solutions for peace come and go, and many of those who teach tolerance are simply disguising their disdain for the authority of God’s Word and believers who follow His Son, Jesus Christ. In the middle of all the chaos God still offers salvation to anyone who would believe that Jesus is God in human flesh, who lived a sinless life, and willingly went to the cross to pay the penalty for their sins, and for all who simply believe in Him and trust Him for salvation He promises eternal life in heaven. And yet so many people choose to reject the love of God, that allowed Jesus to suffer and die for them, and reject his promise of the free gift of eternal life, choosing rather to join the Pharisees of Jesus day and try to earn their salvation with their good works. C”MON MAN!!

Robert Andrews, Ph.D.

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