Weekly Word – Nov. 2, 2020

Adolf Hitler once said, “Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state.” As educators we know that today’s education is tomorrow’s understanding. We also know that textbooks and teachers are the key sources in education. With all of the issues that are being cited during this election season, the massive indoctrination of our nation’s children via the school systems that continues to replace tradition Christian values from pre-school through college is one of utmost importance. In this changing culture, no matter what the outcome of the election is, as a Christian school, our battle has become one of survival and freedom to continue to teach biblical values to our children.

No matter what the results of the current election might be, I would submit that unless those of us who hold a Christian worldview, in our state, and around this nation speak out for our right to educate our children in a school which reflects our belief in God’s Word it will only be a matter of time before a Christian school or a homeschool parent might face repercussions for not including a politically correct definition of issues like “marriage and gender” in their educational process. In recent years public schools, and many private schools, have become indoctrination centers for the homosexual and transsexual agenda and I fear that our government and courts will allow these impositions on our parental and religious rights to be taken away from us as Christian parents and impact our Christian school as well.

The current election cycle has featured the shaming of anyone who would dare speak out in favor of biblical values. There is general consensus in politics that all points of view on sexuality and marriage are valid, so there is no clear support for the biblical views that FCS continues to teach on these most important issues from either side. One of the purposes of our Christian school is to provide parents with a choice of receiving an education free from the propaganda and social agendas prevalent in government schools. We seek to make God and his Word relevant in all of a student’s life and in every subject we teach. Our scriptural basis for our school is found in verses like Psalms 127:3, “ Children are a gift from God; they are his reward.” and Isaiah 54:13, “ All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Our curriculum is not designed to teach only vocational and intellectual expertise, but to develop our students’ capacity for responsible Christian living under God’s authority in human society. The issues we now face in our nation and those we may encounter in the future may bring us in direct opposition to our government and even the rule of law. Let me ask you, are your committed to having your children in a school which teaches the TRUTH about marriage and sexuality as spoken in God’s Word, no matter what? Is having your child in our Christian school a burning conviction, or is it a preference that could change if the road becomes difficult?

The modern Christian school movement was essentially affirmed in 1972 by the Supreme Court. An Amish father, by the name of Jonas Yoder refused to send his children to a public school because he asserted that it was his “conviction” that they would be taught things that violated his faith. He faced fines and imprisonment for refusing to abide by the state’s mandatory attendance laws, but he remained firm. In the Supreme Court’s ruling they determined that his beliefs were convictions and not preferences and that his convictions must be respected by the state. They defined preferences as “a matter of strong belief, but subject to change when strong pressure is brought about.” Convictions on the other hand were defined by the court as “strong beliefs which will remain unmoved under any stress or adversity.”

As I write today, I have genuine concern and alarm regarding our future freedom to express and teach our Biblical beliefs at our school and in this country no matter who is in control of our government or who is on the Supreme Court. I sincerely believe that Christian schools and Christian parents will someday face significant challenges as to whether or not they have a “preference” for teaching and receiving a Christian education as opposed to a “conviction,” to teach and receive TRUTH to their students no matter what the cost. I believe that in the near future the battle will reach Christian schools like ours, all around the country, and the issues raised by those who promote the rights of anti-Biblical lifestyles will directly affect a parent’s decision to send their children to our school.

On this pre-election day it might be a good time to consider, what are your preferences and what are your convictions in your life as a Christian parent.

Robert Andrews, Ph.D.

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