Weekly Word – Mar. 8, 2021

In real life we only get one chance at some decisions. We can’t go back and exchange it or rewind and decide all over again. This
message today is about the impact of honoring Christ with our lives with the decisions we make. The truth of this message is that
honoring Jesus will often mean making decisions that will change our own intended way of life and maybe some of our plans along
the way. One of the decisions for change that honoring Jesus Christ will have on our lives is that we will obey Jesus Christ as the Lord
of our lives, even when we don’t want to or don’t understand why.

Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus was preparing to go to Jerusalem prior to His crucifixion. The Bible says he sent two
of his disciples into a village to find a donkey and bring it back. There is no record of the disciples questioning Jesus about
whether or not it was owned by someone or would they be arrested for stealing. He simply told them that if questioned to say to
them, “The Lord has need of it.” According to scripture, they followed his instructions and brought the donkey to Jesus. Do we
believe that Christ expects the same uncompromising obedience from us today? Of course He does. He is the same yesterday, today,
and forever. The real question for us is how do we know what our instructions from Jesus are, and how do we know we are we
following them? I think the disciple’s answer in verse 31 is all we need to remember, “because the Lord needs it.” This attitude
should be the bottom line for everything we do for Christ, just because the Lord needs it. So how do we know if we are honoring
Christ in our lives with everything we do? The only way we can really know is when we acknowledge and honor Jesus as Lord by
obeying his commands. If we are not obeying Him, we are not honoring Him. Jesus has a plan, the question is, Do we as believers
follow Christ’s plan for our lives? Our actions as individuals should be unquestionably carried out just because “the Lord needs it.

Another way we can honor Jesus that will change our lives is in our praise. What a scene. Jesus enters Jerusalem with an eruption
of spontaneous praise and joy to God filling the air. Matthew and John tell us in their Gospels that Jesus was fulfilling divine
prophecy as He rode in on a young donkey. It was the anticipation of Messiah coming as the Prince of Peace. In addition, the
Bible says, “the whole multitude of disciples” were telling one another of “the mighty works they had seen.” Today, when we
demonstrate our praise to Christ for all He has done for us, people around us will seek after Jesus too. When people are
physically sick, they seek someone or something to help them get well. When people recognize their spiritual illness, they often
go to great lengths to find answers. Many people choose to seek their own way, but we have come to Jesus as King because we
have recognized that He can heal our sin sick soul, and others can see it.

We honor Christ when we are grieved over the sin and rebellion in our world, our nation, and in our own lives. When Jesus wept
over Jerusalem, it was because of the sin of the people in the city. Sin and rebellion grieve the heart of God. Our own hearts should
be filled with grief over the spiritual deadness and the lost condition of people around us perishing in their sins. No matter who
they are or what they have done, if we are moved with the compassion of Christ for sinners, then we will pray for them and
seek to win them to Jesus.

The truth that we need to hear today is that the difference we can make right here in Miami is directly related to how we honor
Christ in our lives. We may not be able to stand on a mountain top and proclaim a great message where thousands of people can
hear, but we can live our lives in obedience to Christ’s commands. We can honor Christ every day of our lives by praising Him with our
lives every day as our King. And finally, we can honor him by having the same concern for lost people and a lost nation as He had.

Robert Andrews, Ph.D.

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