The Impact of Social Media on our Students

Watch this video as our Head of Security, Mr. George Gulla, offers parents important information on the impact of social media on our students. Learn more about important statistics, the possible dangers, and what you can do as a parent to protect your student.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Overall view of social media’s impact
    1. How does social media affect our students?
    2. How does social media affect students’ relationships?
    3. Why is social media so important to students?
    4. How much time do students spend on social media?
  2. Challenges facing our students
    1. Dangers of social media
    2. What is the average screen time students spend on social media?
    3. What are the negative consequences of social media?
    4. Link between social media and child trafficking
  3. Parental resources
    1. What can parent do to monitor social media usage?
    2. Apps parents can use to monitor usage
    3. Communication is key

If you have any questions regarding this topic,  please feel free to contact Mr. George Gulla.

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