Bible Resource for FCS Elementary Parents

Florida Christian School has launched a new bible curriculum, DeepRoots Bible, for all of our K5 – 5th grade Elementary Students.

This new bible curriculum will be 100% digital and will work across all platforms. The lessons taught in the classroom will help our students apply their faith to their everyday life and continue to help them build Godly character. The curriculum includes discussion questions that encourages our students to think critically and with the use of slideshows and original songs, our students will encounter the bible through an interactive fun experience.

The learning won’t stop in our classrooms! Students and parents will be able to log in at home, from any device, to access content, review lessons, and study for tests. This will be a great resource for our families to deepen their knowledge and faith.

To learn more about DeepRoots Bible, we encourage you to check out their website: DeepRootsBible.com


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