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Weekly Word – Nov. 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is a time that we can thank God for the opportunity and freedom to provide for our family through hard work. It is also a time to recommit to do the work God has called us to do as believers, by sharing the good news of the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Weekly Word – Nov. 16, 2020

Each day at FCS, students from the primary grades through high school are involved in the study of history. Our students are taught to learn from the events of history both from this country and the world. We believe that though the world and our country have certainly changed over time, there is value in understanding and studying history.

Weekly Word – Nov. 9, 2020

Heart issues are often more about attitude than about behavior. We can “act” like “Christians,” do all the right things and still ignore our own flawed character. We need to pray that we can focus more on our heart attitude than on religious activity.

Weekly Word – Nov. 2, 2020

On this pre-election day, it might be a good time to consider, what are your preferences and what are your convictions in your life as a Christian parent.

Weekly Word – Oct. 26, 2020

The current political season has been full of C’mon Man moments as well, but may I suggest that the Bible is also full of these moments where individuals make ridiculous and foolish decisions. So even in the Bible, sometimes we just have to scratch our heads and say C’mon Man!

Weekly Word – Oct. 19, 2020

Protecting parents’ rights in education also protects a self-governing society by safeguarding against an intrusive government school system that could eventually infringe on religious freedom.

Weekly Word – Oct. 12, 2020

Even though we have all said things we regret, the most important factor in what we say is not the trivial things, but the consideration of the impact of our words in light of eternity.

Suicide Warning Signs

In this video, we inform parents with statistics, warning signs, and most importantly with the hope that suicide can be preventable.