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Weekly Word – Mar. 1, 2021

Yes, we need change in America today, but the kind of change America desperately needs can only take place in the hearts of Americans, not in politics or the courts.

Weekly Word – Feb. 22, 2021

Disney’s perseverance came from his dad who personally sacrificed to help him overcome a seemingly unattainable dream.
Jesus Christ has done the same for us. According to this passage in Hebrews, we have to learn how to set aside whatever it is that is
an obstacle for us in our lives.

Weekly Word – Feb. 15, 2021

It is your decision to give your allegiance to the Creator of the universe and place your faith in His Son Jesus Christ who loves you and paid the price on the cross for your citizenship in heaven. If you have never made the decision to trust in Him for your eternal citizenship, why not today?

Weekly Word – Feb. 8, 2021

When “push comes to shove” do I put myself first, or do I put the needs of others first in the name of Jesus? “Only one life will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Weekly Word – Feb. 1, 2021

God is more interested in our living by faith in Christ, in our hope of eternity, and in our love for others, than in our good works, our giving money, or in our church attendance. He desires that we not remain in a backslidden condition, but that we come to Him with a repentant heart rather than offer our religious acts.

Weekly Word – Jan. 25, 2021

Many have taught that the issue of violence is the result of poverty or a lack of education. We must learn that even though these are certainly contributing factors, it is not a lack of money or education, but a lack of submission to God’s authority and obedience to His Word in our society that has produced this culture of violence. There is no doubt that until we as a nation repent and return to Christian principles as taught in God’s Word, evil will continue to abound.

Weekly Word – Jan. 18, 2021

As believers we must pray for President Biden and his advisors. As followers of Christ, we must ask God to be able to live our lives in peace, and to be able to share our faith with those who live around us. I pray that Mr. Biden’s presidency will be characterized by the acknowledgment that “the Almighty” is in control, and that he as a president is an instrument which can be used for good by God, even in the most turbulent of times in a divided country.

Weekly Word – Jan. 11, 2021

Our ultimate counsel for our young people should be that God’s promises are true. This scriptural pattern for choosing wisely must not only be taught, but it must be practiced and modeled by those of us who influence young people because we know how inevitable it is that these difficult decisions will come.

Weekly Word – Jan. 4, 2021

If during the past year you somehow lost your “perfection,” there is no better time than today, at the beginning of this New Year, to aim for it once again. Let’s join together in aiming for perfection this year. God will bless each of us separately and together if we do.