Pre-K2 to 5th Grade – Elementary Program

A quality, Christian-based education in a family centric and safe environment

Our preschool and elementary division provide to Florida Christian students an excellent opportunity to experience a rigorous Christian based curriculum, character-building emphasis, enrichment classes, and after school activities. FCS will provide your child stability and continuity until 12th grade. You and your family will make lifelong friendships and the ability to grow in a faith-filled environment that also excels in academics, athletics, fine arts, and more.



So, if you’re asking, “Why FCS?” first and foremost the answer is because our Faith is foundational to everything we do.

Our mission is to develop well-rounded students through excellent academics
and extracurricular activities, while seeking to win the lost to Christ and
equip Christians with the skills and the knowledge to change the world for  Christ. 

While we take pride in having excellent academic programs and a plethora of extra-curricular activities, our priority has always been the spiritual condition of every student that steps foot onto our campus.  Here at FCS, we want our students to understand who they are in Christ and how to grow in their faith.  It’s more than just attending chapel each week and having Bible class each day.  It involves a curriculum where the truths of the Bible are integrated across disciplines and having loving teachers who invest in the spiritual lives of each student.


Not only do we want our students to grow in their faith, we want them to live out that faith by serving one another and the community around them.  There are several opportunities for our student body to participate in community service projects, on and off-campus, that impact the lives of those around us.  As an example, our Operation Christmas Child project allows us to impact lives around the world. Every year our students pack over 1,000 boxes! Now, while we have always been involved with raising funds and awareness for national campaigns, last year we made an effort to be more intentionally missional. Learn more about Patriots on Mission.


Now, while helping our students grow in their faith and character is paramount, we do not foster those pillars at the expense of success.  In fact, we believe that excellence should be the mark of every Christian.   We understand that doing things with excellence not only allows us to honor God with our abilities, but it creates a pathway to success that provides a platform from which we can influence our world for Him.  At Florida Christian School, we give our students every opportunity to be successful in college and beyond.  We are proud of so many of our other students and alumni that God is using to change the world in many different areas of influence.

Setting the Foundation

You may think…I can wait to enroll my child at Florida Christian School until middle or high school once there is more peer pressure or other things such as hormones right? Please note that all statistics point otherwise.

Academically, statistics show that only half of U.S. high school students are ready for college math. Those who lag behind their peers by grade 8 have been on this clear trajectory since kindergarten. Therefore, it is important to lay a strong foundation during this window of opportunity. (Reference: Alan Schoenfeld from University of California, along with Deborah Stipek from Stanford University, analyzed data from Early Childhood Longitudinal Study by National Center for Education Statistics)

And know this is not only academic…

We also know that between the ages of 4 and 14, children will:

  • develop a sense of right and wrong – Foundational values are established during this time such as honesty, fairness, respect, sharing, responsibility, love, discipline, and manners.
  • make spiritual decisions – 80% of those who come to faith in Jesus Christ make the decision to do so by the time they are 14 years old.
  • establish attitudes about the church – Why is the church here? Why should I be involved in a church? What do people who are members of a church believe?
  • form faith “habits” – Regular Bible reading, praying, memorizing Scripture, serving, sharing their faith with others, and more.

This is why FCS partners together with you starting in these foundational years for the success of your child.




Experience FCS

The best way to see what it's like at Florida Christian School is to come visit our campuses.


Rebecca Menendez – Class of 2020 Valedictorian
Perfect Score in the Math Portion of the SAT
National Hispanic Scholar Winner
FCS LIFER: 3K – 12 grade

TOTY 2021 – FCS Teacher of the Year Awards

TOTY 2021: After the most challenging year in the life of any educator and school, we have reached several #FCSMilestones. Being able to celebrate all that God has done in our school through the diligent work of an entire team and highlighting those whose excellence was noticed by their peers, is priceless (sorry for the cliché!).

Educating the Whole Child

We understand the importance of students learning and growing in a positive school environment that offers long-term, secure relationships that support academic, physical, social, and emotional development. Education must inspire children’s creativity, imagination, compassion, self-knowledge, social skills, and emotional health. This is why we don’t only focus on one area of development, but we cultivate the whole child.

Faith: Your child will have the opportunity to grow in their faith through daily bible lessons, biblical curriculum, weekly chapel services, spiritual emphasis/missions week, and more.

Character: Once our students have discovered who they are in Christ, we want to train them to use their God-given talents and abilities to serve others. We provide our students and families opportunities to serve locally (Operation Christmas Child collection, family packing events for the poor, and more) and globally ( missions trips). Monthly character traits and awards are highlighted such as love, integrity, hard work, and more.

Emotionally: Your child will not only obtain emotional support from our faculty and staff but also from their dedicated guidance counselor. Our guidance counselor is not only available to your child and family when needed but is also proactive in teaching your child anti-bullying prevention, stress-reducing tactics during testing, and more.

Academics: We are dedicated to providing your child with an excellent education for them to reach the goals, dreams, and potential God has before them. We do this through a challenging curriculum, an enrichment program, STEAM program, Phonics & Reading (AR), 4C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication. We also have advanced grouping in each grade level.

Socially: Students who have a strong community of support always outperform those that are not given the opportunity. This intangible is of our highest priority. We are more than just a school. We are a family. Your child will grow in a family-oriented environment with loving support.

Physically: Physical Education is not only important for the health of our students but also for their academic achievement. Students who are healthy and have the ability to exert their natural energy are able to focus more on their classwork and perform better. PE, recess, healthy options for lunch in the cafeteria, after school activities that promote fitness ( Soccer, Taekwondo, etc.) are all part of our student’s school day.


Patriot STARS

Beyond our advanced class grouping offered in each grade level, our Patriot STARS Elementary Scholars program provides high-achieving students the ability to reach new heights!

Our Elementary Scholars program will provide our high-achieving students the foundation to reach new heights not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and more. Once they graduate from 5th grade as a Patriot STAR, they will be ready for our Middle School Honors Program and beyond! Patriot STARS meet after school once a week to engage in enriching activities and projects. Students will be appropriately grouped with similar multi-grade level peers ( 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 5th grade).


STEAM Education

Proverbs 18:15 says “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” Through our FCS STEAM initiative, students seek out solutions to relevant problem-based units where science, technology, engineering art, and math are combined through hands-on technology driven projects.

In preschool, students begin with STEAM mini-projects where they are challenged to think outside the box by using collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. In 5K-5th Grade, STEAM is integrated throughout all subject areas as students become world changers by solving problem-based STEAM units through our participation with the Fairchild Challenge and community-related projects.


Enrichment Classes

Our enrichment classes (offered from preschool through 5th grade) help children build confidence and maturity and allow them to further explore their interests in a particular area. These classes further help to develop their character, resilience, and motivation and encourage them to pursue wider goals.



From crayons to acrylics, our students explore the world of Art and are motivated to express themselves through their creativity and imagination.

In 5th grade, our students are able to audition for our selective award-winning Art program as an elective.


Students from PK3 – 5th grade are provided age-appropriate computer knowledge including typing, coding, and more.


Students are provided a plethora of books that they can choose from on their level and incentives from our media specialist to ensure our students are reading and growing! The students participate in STAR Testing and the Advanced Reader (AR) program.


The elementary music program includes music theory, learning to read music, and more. Students from pre-school through 4th grade also participate in special events, programs, and seasonal activities in music.

In 5th grade, our students are able to pick our award-winning band program as an elective and learn to play an instrument.

Physical Education

Students are provided with opportunities to learn about physical fitness, various sports, and intangibles such as sportsmanship and more.


Students are separated between speakers and non-speakers and learn phonics, writing, and more in the Spanish language.

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