Patriot STARS

Reaching Higher

Beyond our advanced class grouping offered in each grade level, our Patriot STARS Elementary Scholars program provides high-achieving students the ability to reach new heights!

Our Elementary Scholars program will provide our high-achieving students the foundation to reach new heights not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and more. Once they graduate from 5th grade as a Patriot STAR, they will be ready for our Middle School Honors Program and beyond! Patriot STARS meet after school once a week to engage in enriching activities and projects. Students will be appropriately grouped with similar multi-grade level peers ( 1st – 3rd grade and 4th – 5th grade).

Program Components


Opportunities to serve those in their local community and beyond


From leading chapel to mentoring their younger peers, students will lead
beyond their classroom


Motivating our students to continue to excel and reach their God-given potential


Inspiring out-of-the box thinkers to change our world one child at a time


Encouraging curiosity by embracing STEAM through engaging and stimulating activities


  • Straight “A” Students – A Honor Roll
  • At least one grade level ahead in Reading and Math (as per standardized STAR assessments)
  • Teacher/Administrator Recommendation
  • Positive Behavior/Conduct

*Students with high norm-based testing scores and/or gifted qualified will receive priority seating, however, this does not guarantee selection.

Meet our Staff

Mrs. Sherril Nealey

Elementary Principal
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Mrs. Kellie Moore

Patriots STARS Sponsor
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Elementary Children Partake in the Election Process

Our teachers believe that even more than just imparting knowledge, we are teaching our children what a privilege it is to vote. It is a privilege, as FCS Patriots, to teach our students the value of good citizenship and love for our country.