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Spiritual Emphasis Week – Sept. 3-6, 2019

Spiritual Emphasis Week – Sept. 3-6, 2019

Welcoming Back Ken Freeman!

The tradition continues! FCS is welcoming back Ken Freeman for Spiritual Emphasis Week!

With the ability to connect to people of any age group, culture, or background, evangelist Ken Freeman lives with a passion to bring people to know Christ and to make a deeper, more intimate, commitment to Him. He has a passion for his ministry and he’s had an enormous amount of opportunities to do what he loves most, lead people to Christ.  All of this being said, it’s important to note, Ken’s life has not always been this way.

The son of an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, Ken’s life was filled with abuse and neglect. Often times he and his sister would be left for days while his mother satisfied her addiction to alcohol and possible other drugs.  Other times she’d leave them with a boyfriend who would physically and sexually abuse them.  There were times he thought about suicide.  Other times he thought about murder.  His life seemed out of control.  Ken spent his life running, trying to survive.  He was bitter, hurt, and alone.

Despite a horrifying childhood, Ken defied all odds with one choice that would change his life forever, his decision to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  With that one choice Ken’s years of mental and physical abuse turned from a useless mess, to a powerful message.

God has blessed Ken as he has been in the ministry for over 35 years, serving as a youth leader for about 12 years and as an evangelist for well over 25 years.   He has seen over 200,000 decisions for Christ, one of which was his own father, been in over 3000 churches, written two books, and built a ministry around this one choice to accept Christ.

Ken’s approach to evangelism allows him to grab the attention of his audience through humor and his down to earth personality.  His message, then, is always delivered in a fresh, easy to understand manner that roots itself in God’s word.  Ken’s ability to be versatile allows him to communicate well in any setting, traditional or contemporary, school auditorium or church staff meeting, a large convention or an intimate retreat.

One thing is certain; God has given Ken a passion for the lost and the brokenhearted that is evident within his ministry and his everyday life. More info at www.kenfreeman.com