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Senior Retreat Provided a Welcomed Surprise

Submitted by Alana Buznego, FCS Senior:

This past weekend, the Senior Class of 2016 ventured on their Senior Retreat. The isolated location of Camp Sparta allowed the Class to bond and get closer with God. Three services took place; two in the morning and one at night. Many joys and laughs were shared between classmates, but one surprise left the class in awe. During lunch, the announcement of Brandon Hernandez arriving to the camp was made. Brandon has been a student at FCS since 4K. Over the summer, Brandon was given the blessing of a new heart, but as a result, he has been currently residing in Gainesville, Florida and has not been able to participate in FCS school activities. Upon his arrival, he was warmly welcomed by classmates, teachers, and friends. Making sure that he was not left out of the campground activities, friends approached him with cans of shaving cream and sprayed it on him. Unfortunately, Brandon was not able to stay the night, but his visit left a footprint on the class and made the Senior Retreat a memorable one.

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