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International Students Are A Blessing at FCS and For Hosting Families

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FCS’s International Students: (Top Row) Tiga Zhu, Edward Gao.  (Middle Row) Woo Tae Choi, Young-Su Park. Front Row: Sheridon Ouma, Soyun Jeon, Melanie Ouma


Ms. Griselda Bain, FCS Director of College Counseling, is actively involved in our international student program.  She shared, “This year FCS welcomed international students from all over the globe. These students have enriched our student body by sharing their cultural heritage and by engaging fully in the school life at FCS. This cultural exchange of ideas and customs has been a valuable benefit for the entire school.”

Below is a statement from Anekka Hawthorne, of Greenstay (www.gphomestay.com), the company that arranges housing for our international students:

Florida Christian School hosts students from many cultural paths. These students enrich the school community with their enthusiasm for learning and their desire to share the traditions from their homelands while studying abroad. Parents often remark, “It’s such a blessing to be able to host a student and share the commonalities and differences among cultures.” By hosting a student, American families provide the opportunity for international students to nurture their learning through exploration and become actively engaged in the learning process–what a powerful gift to give a student. If you would like to know more, please contact Dania Wilson at dwilson@gphomestay.com.

For our Chinese students, school days are typically from 7:30am until 5pm with a two-hour break for lunch. Chinese high schools spend twelve hours a day, six days a week for three years memorizing, reviewing, and reciting all in preparation for a three-day test known as the gaokao. Although the academic rigors of the day seem extreme by American standards, students may often leave campus at lunch to feast on junk food.  Although formal classes are over at 5:00pm, hours of independent self-study happen until 10pm before students are released from school grounds. The gaokao determines a student’s future and only a quarter will pass into the university. Students are not permitted to question authority. Although students are respectful at Florida Christian School, teachers not only encourage thoughtful questions, but expect them.   -Anekka Hawthorne

FCS is thrilled to have our students from China, South Korea and Tunisia, Africa.  May God bless their time at the Patriot Nation!