A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

First Day of School!

This was a very special day for everyone at FCS…a new school year begins! Parents, students and teachers were excited as everyone made their way through the halls, locating their lockers and classrooms, greeting friends not seen for some time, and getting reacquainted with (or becoming familiar with) their surroundings.

Scroll down to read thoughts shared by students and teachers at the end of this exciting day!

IMG_0699IMG_0693P1040232 EditedIMG_0703 EditedIMG_7490 EditedIMG_0688IMG_0702IMG_0695 EditedFCS students and teachers shared about their first day:

Willie and Tyler (5th Grade) liked how Mrs. Rubio’s room is decorated. Tyler said “She has an arctic fox and a shark in a bottle!”

Isaac Treto (3rd Grade) was excited to be able to eat in the main campus lunchroom.

Cindy Sanchez (11th Grade) is excited to have met classmates from different countries. She looks forward to learning more about their cultures.

Kiara (3rd Grade) liked her art class and her sister Katia (5K) liked the playground and meeting her teacher, Mrs. Megias.

Mr. Belvedere said some of his students were a bit apprehensive about AP classes but all were enthusiastic about the challenge!

Nick Ruiz (11th Grade) is happy to find that it seems this year will be easier than last year.

Emma (4th Grade) loves her new books.

Jessica Pankey (8th Grade) said she was tired from waking up early this morning but she was happy to be reunited with her friend Andrea Delgado.

Ericka Treto (12th Grade) says her teachers are great and the senior class is more unified this year.

Abby (5th Grade) said she was nervous when the day began but now she is excited because she has “three very nice, wonderful teachers”.

Mrs. Del Valle shared that it is a joy to be teaching the 8th graders she had as 6th graders. She also said her new students are “remarkable” and “so bright”!

Sophia (4th Grade) loves her teacher!

God Bless FCS Students, Families, Teachers, Staff and all those involved in the Patriot Nation!