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FCS Recognizes 6th Grade “Do The Right Thing” February Nominees

“Do The Right Thing” is a program sponsored by the Miami Police Department under the direction of Executive Director Jodi Portante Atkins, an FCS graduate. Students are nominated by their teachers, counselors, parents, police officers and the general public in order to recognize and reward students for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, good deeds and attitude.

FCS Director of Guidance and Counseling Janet Mattern, has implemented this program in our 6th grade.  Below are the names of the FCS students nominated in February, along with comments from the 6th grade teachers: Mrs. Calvo, Mrs. Del Valle, Mrs. Delgado and Mrs. Koepp.

Feb 2015 (9) Edited

L to R:  Katrina Hernandez, Olivia Fernandez, Nicholas Fernandez, Caden Irvine, Damian Vilarchao, Victoria Cabaleiro, Victoria Bonilla, Asia Castellanos, Lyla Walsh


Damian Vilarchao: Damian is honest, kind and cooperative. He’s very conscientious of his work and shows willingness to help others. He works very hard in all of his classes and goes above and beyond in any role he’s placed. Damian is a very respectful student who engages daily in his class work with determination and diligence.

Lyla Walsh: Lyla is a very hard worker and excellent student. She is polite, kind to everyone, and very helpful in the classroom. In her quite demeanor, she exemplifies respect and gentleness. She completes all of her work in a timely manner and has a strong determination to grow academically. Her humble spirit is demonstrated through her work and character.


Victoria Cabaleiro: Victoria is honest, kind and trustworthy. Her respectful and obedient attitude is a sparkle of light in the classroom. She is faithful to her work and strives to do her very best. Her godly demeanor shines in her kind and gentle spirit.

Caden Irvine: Caden is enthusiastic and a very hard-worker. He’s bright and loves to participate in class. He’s also very involved in extracurricular activities; however, that doesn’t stop him from completing all of his assignments in a timely manner and studying diligently for his tests. Caden is friendly and displays great citizenship.


Victoria Bonilla: Victoria is extremely helpful in the classroom and shows a very positive attitude toward her school work. She is dependable, respectful, and trustworthy. Victoria completes all of her assignments on time and exerts herself with determination and perseverance.

Asia Castellanos: Asia is an excellent student who endeavors to do her very best in all of her subjects. She is attentive, responsible, and determined to succeed. Her positive character and determinations are proof of her strong work ethics. Asia, with her quiet demeanor, displays a tenacious disposition toward her school work and a godly character to everyone around her.


Nicholas Fernandez: Nick is very cooperative and has excellent citizenship. He’s a hard worker, dependable and trustworthy. He can be counted on to set a godly example for others to follow as a leader of his class. He is a bright student with an exceptional work ethic. He completes all of his assignments in a timely manner and can be counted on to give 100%.

Olivia Fernandez: Olivia is one the most dedicated students of her class. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her to complete her work in all of her classes. Her respectful demeanor shines in all that she does. She is very intelligent; however, she has a very humble heart and is always willing to help those around her. Olivia is an exemplary student who loves the Lord very much and demonstrates it with her attitude towards everyone.

Katrina Hernandez: Katrina is an excellent student who shines in all that she does. She rises above all that is expected of her academically with a very humble attitude. One of her strongest traits is her kind spirit. She exemplifies a godly example in her work and towards everyone with her kindness. She is an exemplary student whose combination of determination and perseverance is an inspiration to all.