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FCS 6th Graders “Do The Right Thing”

“Do The Right Thing” is a program sponsored by the Miami Police Department under the direction of Executive Director Jodi Portante Atkins, an FCS graduate. Students are nominated by their teachers, counselors, parents, police officers and the general public in order to recognize and reward students for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, good deeds and attitude.

FCS Director of Guidance and Counseling Janet Mattern, has implemented this program in our 6th grade.  Below are the names of the students nominated in January, along with the comments from the 6th grade teachers: Mrs. Calvo, Mrs. Del Valle, Mrs. Delgado and Mrs. Koepp.

Tommy Fernandez: Tommy is a very diligent student who completes his work in a timely manner and treats everyone with the utmost respect. He is the first one in my classroom every morning and makes sure that all is working appropriately, ready for class. For example, he lines up all of the desks accordingly, wipes the top of each desk with a cleaning cloth, and empties the electric sharpener. He turns on the television set and checks the lost and found box for any books and personal belongings that can be returned to the proper owner. Tommy goes above and beyond to make sure that my class is ready to start each and every morning.

Daniel Rodriguez:  Danny utilizes all his gifts in service to others.  Daniel has been playing the violin at his church every Sunday, and serves in Children’s Church, where his father is a pastor.  He participates in an annual state and national music completion, Randall House National Youth Conference, where he came in first place last year.  He was the Geography Bee winner at our school, competing with seventh and eighth graders.  He is in the Honors track and has superior grades in all his classes.  Additionally, he has a servant’s heart, always caring for others with a happy disposition.

Alexa Brown: Alexa is an outstanding student who exemplifies diligence, obedience, and respect towards everyone. She shows determination and is willing to go the extra mile in all that she does. She is always willing to help in anything she can in the classroom and also offers to help after she is finished with all of her homework and extracurricular activities.  Her humble disposition and enthusiasm for learning are examples of Alexa’s kind spirit.

L to R: Tommy Fernandez, Daniel Rodriguez, Alexa Brown

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