A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Bulletin Board Contest

Each year, FCS holds a contest to recognize the amazing job the teachers do in creating top-quality bulletin boards.  This year’s boards were once again impressive, making the decision to choose winners very difficult for the non-teaching personnel who acted as judges. Three winning boards are chosen, one in each of the following categories: Best Scriptural, Best Academic, Best Overall Creativity.

Congratulations to the following teachers on their winning boards and to all of the teachers for the time they put into making their rooms a welcoming place to learn.  Go Patriots!

Best Scriptural Board – Ms. Eva-Marie Gonzalez:

Ms. Eva-Marie Gonzalez - Best Scriptural


Best Academic Board – Mrs. Ileana Silva-Gonzalez:

Mrs. Ileana Gonzalez - Best Academic Edited


Overall Most Creative Board – Mrs. Su Green:

Mrs. Green - Overall Creativity Edited