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Alumni Faculty & Staff

There could be no greater testimony as to the impact of FCS than having graduates return to teach and work as faculty and staff.  FCS is blessed to have 27 former students in different roles at FCS. Some joined FCS immediately upon graduating from college, others were in the corporate world, ministry or public education before returning to FCS.  All have one thing in common…they are called by the Lord to serve in this ministry at FCS!

Any student who attended FCS at least one year can be part of our alumni list. We would like to hear from you. Please fill out the online form and let’s get connected.


Below: Read the comments from some of these alumni!

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Back Row: David King ’93, James Erwin ’02, Chris Rivera ’84, Jason Doan ’98, Alberto “Tito” Hernandez ’04

2nd Row from top: Beth Nolen King ’93, Madeline Valle Diaz (attended 6th-9th Grade 1980-1984), Amanda Jimenez Guilfoyle ’06, Dasha Fernandez Hernandez ’06, Yami Lopez Saad ’93, Michelle Hernandez Collazo ’05, Katie Painter Andrews (attended 1968-69)

3rd Row from top: Diana Ferradaz Frometa ’91, Rosa Gonzalez Lobaina ’94, Natascha Pichs ’81, Penny Vander Wal Wright ’88, Monica Garcia Mesa ’93, Karla Melo Megias ’90, Ana Prieto Ledon ’91

Front Row: Amanda Gonzalez Vazquez ’09, Eva-Marie Gonzalez ’06, Jeannine Miranda Stemmer ’97, Elena Dossett ’11, Ivette Ledon Menendez ’89, Kristine Gonzalez Miro ’99, Becky Molleda Padron ’97

Not Pictured: Becky Perez ’02, Natasha Rodriguez Erwin ’02


Rosa Gonzalez Lobaina (’94), Admissions and Communications Director: I feel like I never left. I have come back to serve in this ministry and I believe the Lord has been preparing me for this and sent me to FCS for a purpose. I love FCS and now my children will have the same opportunity that I had to grow up in a Christian environment. The seeds that are planted at FCS will, no doubt, positively influence their decisions in the future.

Alberto “Tito” Hernandez (’04), HS and MS Chaplain, HS Teacher: The best part of coming back to my alma mater is the family environment and friendships that I have encountered here, despite having graduated 10 years since my return as a faculty member. It’s like coming back home from a journey that was way too long and unpleasant. The best memories of my life all stem from FCS, one way or another. So how could I NOT want to go back to a place that did so much for me and influence the lives of young people myself?

Jeannine Miranda Stemmer (’97), Choral Director: There are stories and memories in the hallways and classrooms. The only problem I seem to be encountering now is that some of my high school memories have overlapped into my teaching memories and I am having trouble separating the two. 🙂  I came back to help out the choir when I was studying music education at FIU. Barbara Kingman had taken over the program the year after I graduated (1997) and she was seeking assistance. I really didn’t have any plans and just took one day at a time. Somehow 17 years have passed and I feel so blessed to have spent them here.

Ana Prieto Ledon (’91), First Grade Teacher:  Florida Christian School was my second home while I was a student here. The impact that many of my teachers had on my life at FCS greatly influenced me to become a Christian School teacher. My first grade teacher led me to the Lord and my third and sixth grade teachers were the kind of teacher I wanted to be. Later on, several of my middle school and high school teachers served as mentors. Their love for the Lord, godly example, and their genuine care and dedication to their students made the difference in who I am today. Today I teach at FCS simply because I love this school. My desire is to serve the Lord, my students and their parents that they too would grow to know the Lord, love Him with all their hearts and become whatever He has called them to be.

Karla Melo Megias (’90), 5K Teacher: FCS is the only school where I wanted to teach and wanted my children to attend.  I remember having a conversation with my husband, he was my boyfriend at the time, that my children were going to attend FCS.  The Lord granted me the desires of my heart and opened the doors for me to work at FCS when my son was 3 years old. It is exciting to see how the school has grown since I graduated.  We had our 25th class reunion this summer and all who attended were excited to see all the new buildings and facilities when we went on a little tour of the campus.