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8th Grade Earth Science Students Apply Their Knowledge

8th Grade Earth Science Students Apply Their Knowledge

Submitted by Mrs. Lisa Pericles, Teacher,  8th Grade Honors Earth Science:

The 8th grade Honors Earth Science class learned by application!

Each unit has multiple chapters and the students apply what they learn by doing science experiments.  The students choose their own experiments based on the topics from the chapter.  The students use technology to create science boards on PowerPoint.

The students worked on Chapter 2 – Matter, Forces, and Energy

Students must choose one of the forces and create an experiment that demonstrates that force.

Forces are either contact (compression, friction, tension, and shear) or they are field (gravitational, electrical, and magnetic).

Gravitational Experiments:

IMG_0113 Edited IMG_0115 Edited

Electrical Experiment:

IMG_0133 IMG_0141













Compression Experiment:


Magnetic Experiment:

IMG_0120 IMG_0137

Compiling data:

IMG_0124 Edited IMG_0130 Editedjpg