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2015 Mr. and Miss FCS Announced at the Junior/Senior Banquet

The annual Junior / Senior Banquet was held on Friday, April 10, 2015 at the Sofitel Miami Hotel.  The theme for the evening was “Adventure Awaits” with each table named after a different country, passports for each person and hot air balloons for center pieces.  Mrs. Jeannine Stemmer, FCS Choir Director, was the driving force behind this special evening.  Mrs. Stemmer enjoys planning the banquet each year explaining, “This is my creative outlet”.   Mrs. Michelle Collazo, Mrs. Dasha Hernandez and many students helped with the preparations and Mr. “Tito” Hernandez was the master of ceremonies.

Mr. FCS Nominees were Josiah Bazyler, William de Leon and Rafael Paz.

Miss FCS Nominees were Mimi Godoy, Kristy Reynardus and Emily Roberts.

Josiah Bazyler and Kristy Reynardus were selected as the 2015 Mr. and Miss FCS.

Mrs. Daisy Valdes presented these awards and shared the following thoughts about each of these students:

Josiah Bazyler stands out among teenage boys. He is chivalrous and polite. He is extremely dedicated and above all he’s a very devoted follower of Christ. One of his priorities is to talk to the unsaved about God. He seeks out the  new football players and look for opportunities to talk to them about Christ.  Josiah has been class chaplain every year since the 6th grade. He is also hardworking and he is taking several AP level classes. As Mrs. Valdes stated, “Josiah is one of those people that is truly hard to find—he has such a genuinely kind and caring heart and has such a great love for Christ.”

Mrs. Valdes also presented the following about Kristy Reynardus: Kristy is a multi-faceted person. Kristy shows her affection by doing acts of kindness. While on a missions trip to Haiti, she chose to leave her shoes and extra clothes behind for others, rather than bringing them home. She has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, has extremely high standards for herself and is intelligent and witty. Kristy is taking 5 AP classes, she participates in Drama, and in her church youth group. Her favorite quote is, “Grace finds beauty in everything.” Mrs. Valdes stated, “Kristy finds beauty in all things…that is who she is.”


Banquet 11 Edited

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Below, L to R: Gianne De Santino, Mark Simonitis, Bea Perez-Arche, Kristy Reynardus

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Below, L to R: Melanie Ouma, Genesis Koussiafes, Casey Lue, Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Rachel Rosal

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Below, Mrs. Gulla, Brittany Suarez, Mrs. Stemmer:

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Below, L to R: Samantha Elias, Faith Vazquez, Adrianna Garcia, Mr. & Mrs. Gulla, Brittany Suarez, Brianna Ernst, Karli Smith

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Below, L to R: Melissa Cabanas and Alyssa Chang:

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Below, L to R: Anthony Arango, Stephanie Watkins, Jessica Barcelo, Natalie Rodriguez, Chris Dahlan, Alexandra Perez, Lucie Mau, Ethan Llanes

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Below, L to R: Nick Esparragoza, Arthur Lievano, Nick Tejedor, Mr. Hernandez, Christian Acosta, Richard Rivas, John Cabauy, Brandon Hernandez

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Below, L to R: John Cabauy, Brandon Hernandez, Jeremy Delatour, Patrick Kiliddjian, guest.

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