Middle School Drama Students Receive Top Honors and Superiors in the Regional Junior Thespian Virtual Festival

The Regional Junior Thespian Virtual Festival took place on November 7-8, 2020.  Due to Covid, the competition looked a bit different this year. It became a virtual event where students sent in recorded scenes. Florida Christian School earned the following awards:

  • 7TH GRADERS Joshua and Vasquez and Alejandro Menendez received TOP HONORS (the TOP award possible) for IMPROVISATION
  • 8TH GRADERS Aleixa Ramirez and Edana Ramirez received SUPERIOR FOR DUET ACTING
  • 7th GRADERS Abi Ardois, Lyanna Caballero and Victoria Awan received SUPERIOR FOR ENSEMBLE ACTING
  • 7th GRADERS Brett Vignau and Joshua Vasquez received SUPERIOR FOR DUET ACTING
  • 7th GRADER Jesse Perez received SUPERIOR FOR MONOLOGUE
  • 7th GRADERS Jesse Perez and Caroline Claughton received SUPERIOR FOR PANTOMIME

We are incredibly proud of all 7th and 8th students who put forth a great effort during this time. They were able to overcome the challenges of performing with masks and social distancing and were able to win multiple awards. We thank God for their successes and their perseverance to ensure that “the show goes on” indeed!

Mrs. Jennifer Bryan – Drama Director
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