A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Other Electives

Foreign Language



This course is designed for the student who has no background or prior knowledge of the language. It is designed for the student who has no vocabulary base in the language, and therefore can not speak, read, or write it. It is intended to introduce the non-Spanish speaking person to the basic vocabulary and grammatical components of the language. The course content is presented at a beginning level to help the non-speaker learn basic elements of the language. This course is not designed for the student who has some background, prior knowledge, or help at home with the language.


Spanish I for speakers is designed for students who are able to understand and speak Spanish to some degree, but are unable to read it or write it well. The emphasis of the course is laying a basic grammar foundation, developing reading skills, and building a basic Spanish vocabulary. Some speech skills are to be taught towards the end of the course.


This course is designed for students who have already completed one year of Spanish I for non-speakers. The course will add to their vocabulary base and grammatical skills of the language so they can use it together as they speak and write it. This course is designed for students who have had one year of Spanish and who receive no help at home with the language.


Spanish II for speakers is designed for students who understand Spanish but are not fluent in the speaking and writing area. This course reviews grammar, communication, reading, literature and writing.


This course emphasizes the use of Spanish for active communication and to develop the ability to compose expository passages with the ability to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish, and to express ideas orally with accuracy and fluency. This course is designed to prepare the student to take the AP exam in May for college credit.


Other Electives



During the first semester, the class will be centralized upon the topic of speech and various factors of communication. Students will develop skills in communication, logic and reasoning while also learning to refine argumentation and questioning skills as they applying techniques of public speaking. Students will deliver various speeches including: informative speeches, persuasive speeches, demonstration speeches, introduction speeches and tribute speeches. During the second semester, students will learn the art of public debates as they develop critical thinking skills. Students will also develop research and rebuttal skills, and they will also participate in various debates, both with a partner as well as individually.


This course is designed to focus on the production process of media production. Students will be involved in the producing of the morning announcements, recording school events, general media production as well as sports highlight reels.


The yearbook staff chronicles the events of the school in the PATRIOT. Staff members plan themes, select the cover, sell ads, plan and arrange pages and sections, take pictures, write copy, and meet deadlines. They work to create a book that will be treasured by students and parents for many years.


This course is designed to teach practical computer skills and the benefits to everyday tasks. Students learn how to use and combine the software applications of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database through lab exercises and special projects.


This course is designed to learn to create 2D animations through the use of the Adobe Creative Suite programs Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash. The basic features and tools of each program are presented then integrated for editing, and enabling seamless switching between applications for an efficient workflow. (Pre-requisite: Computer I and teacher approval.)


The purpose of this course is to acquire the knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the skills of Weight Training. The class curriculum is designed to teach proper weightlifting techniques and introduce the theory and application of fitness and performance according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Grades will reflect improvements in strength and knowledge of material. This course is offered to both male and female 10th-12th grade student. THIS CLASS HAS LIMITED ENROLLMENT.


This is an annual course to introduce the student to team oriented sports. The course covers the sports of football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and gator ball. The goal of the course is to help students learn the physical and social skills that they will use throughout their life, to help them remain active and healthy. This physical education course is open to 10th – 12th grade male students.


This class is offered to committed male and female varsity athletes with the approval of the respective head coach. The athlete must be serious minded and willing to meet high expectations and rigorous physical class requirements. Multi-sport athletes will be able to participate in the in season sport. One sport athletes will be in their chosen sport for the entire year. There is a limited enrollment for this class. This course requires coach’s approval.