A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Art Program

The Florida Christian School art faculty instruct and encourage the students to express themselves through their artistic talent and abilities in their own unique and creative ways.

FCS hosts an annual Art Gallery in May, which features art work from FCS art students, grades 1-12. We are visited by parents and other artists who come showcase their art. Our Art program takes magnet school level students.

Students also participate in the annual FACCS regional and state competitions. Our National Arts Honor Society and AP Art students compete for different awards like: Beaux Arts Student Showcase, Dade County Youth Fair, we participate in Basel and other events.


Introduction to Art

This is an introductory and advanced class; combined to familiarize students with drawing, painting, 2-D design, and sculpting techniques. The students are taught an approach to art through observation and experimentation. No previous art exposure is required.

Honors Art

This is an advanced art course; this course is to further the student’s understanding and capability of drawing, painting, sculpture, and multimedia techniques. The student must have completed a beginning and/or advance art course. New students must show examples of their work to enroll. This class will allow the student to further their portfolio in order to prepare for AP art. This course provides a more in depth study of art history and art techniques.

Advanced Placement Art

Advanced placement art is an in depth, fast-paced course that will prepare students for the AP Art portfolio requirements. Students will work alongside the teacher and independently to prepare for either Drawing or 2-D design. Students are required to have a minimum of 25 pieces to cover the breadth and concentration categories. (Prerequisite: Honors Art or teacher approval by submitting an art portfolio.)