A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Fine Arts


The Fine Arts department at Florida Christian School includes both band and choral music, drama and theater, as well as the visual arts. The department provides the opportunity for students to obtain training towards their specific talent and apply that training in performance opportunities and competitions throughout the year.

The Fine Arts department seeks to bring each of its students to an intellectual and practical understanding of their chosen area. The faculty demands the highest level possible of artistic achievement in performance and competition. Most importantly the department seeks to undertake their goals from a Biblical perspective thus making music or any form of art an act of service to the Lord, which calls for the highest form of excellence, dedication, and discipline from faculty and students.

The Fine Arts department recognizes its obligation to provide every Florida Christian School  student, with the opportunity to experience, understand, and participate in the arts. Florida Christian School seeks to impact the Miami Dade community through its arts program, inviting the attendance and participation of not only parents but the community as well.

It is our desire at Florida Christian School  to equip our graduates to go on to pursue their God given gifts in the fine arts at the university level, fully equipped and prepared to pursue their dreams and use their talent for God’s glory.