Financial Aid

We appreciate your interest in applying for Financial Aid. Financial Aid is awarded based on the financial need of each family and is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Financial Aid requirements are as follows:

  • Family Gross income must be under $ 100,000.
  • Family must be approved for Step-Up or other scholarships by the State of Florida.
  • Financial Aid is only for tuition grades K5 to 12th Grade.

Financial Aid Deadlines

  • New Students – Early Deadline: FCS application and Financial Aid application both due by November 17th for preapproval based on 2020 taxes. Tax Returns and IRS transcripts are due by March 15, 2022. Enrollment decisions will be provided along with any applicable financial aid offers.
  • New Students – Rolling Admissions: Any students enrolling after November 17th (based on enrollment availability) will have to submit the FCS application and Financial Aid application at the same time and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Tax Returns and IRS transcripts are due by March 15, 2022. Enrollment decisions will be provided along with any applicable financial aid offers. We strongly recommend that you use 2021 Form 1040 income information to complete your Financial Aid application.
  • Returning Students: Financial Aid application will open on January 1st and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. Tax Returns and IRS transcripts are due by March 15, 2022.

Qualified applicants for Financial Aid may be awarded 10% to 35% of tuition cost. Once Financial Aid Funds are exhausted, awards will cease for the school year. Florida Christian School (FCS) utilizes the online financial review service of FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment System. The level of a family’s financial need is determined by this third-party verification system as part of the evaluation of the financial aid application.

Families seeking Financial Aid must file a timely online application with FACTS.

If you are a pastor interested in Pastor’s Aid, please email the Business Office.

Interested families, prior to filing the Financial Aid application with FACTS Grant and Aid System, must apply with the admissions office for enrollment for each student. Returning students must be re-enrolled. To be considered for Financial Aid, all the following requirements must be met, as per school policy:

  1. Parent Account Balance Must Be Current
    • All fees and tuition must be paid to date with no passed due balance.
  2. Begin Admissions process or having completed the Enrollment Process for 2022-2023
    • New Students: RenWeb Online Admissions 2022-2023 application must be submitted, and all Admission Fees paid in full for each student. New admissions applicants must apply for any needed Financial Aid at the same time the admission application is submitted.
    • Returning Students: RenWeb Online Enrollment 2022-2023 application must be submitted and all enrollment fees paid in full for each student.
  3. Completed Financial Aid Application with FACTS
    • Please click here to apply for financial aid .
    • All 2021 required tax return and supporting documents are listed on the FACTS website – Families may obtain, an official transcript of their tax return, online via the IRS website https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript. The transcript can also be ordered by mail: call 1-800-908-9946 or fill out Form 4506-T and send to the IRS.

Please Note: We will require the 2021 tax return transcript from IRS in order to finalize your Financial Aid for the 2022-2023 school year. Financial Aid cannot be awarded without an IRS transcript of your 2021 Tax Return.

Only complete applications (with requirements listed above) will be reviewed and considered for Financial Aid by FCS. Your application may be selected for a personal interview with the Director of Finance as part of our review process.

Awards are granted for one school year and will offset annual tuition only. All Award recipients will be on the monthly Tuition Payment Plan (12 equal installments, June – May). There are additional fees that will be due to FCS from Aid award recipients. Families will be responsible for Fixed Fees such as Campus Improvement and Security Fee, Elementary Book Fee, and MS/HS Class Fee (non-refundable), and when applicable, other fees such as: Contracted Student Support Services, After School Care, etc.

Any applicable fees will also follow the monthly payment plan.


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