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Welcome to FCS Communications!

We’re excited to help communicate your event or ministry need through our main communication channels. If you have an event that needs promotion, photo coverage, or want to celebrate, let us know by submitting the Communications Request form below. Requests should be made at least 3 weeks in advance to allow time for scheduling and production.

After a request is made, you’ll hear from Ms. Rodriguez to discuss the communication plan with you. Thank you!

Brand Standards

Couldn’t be prouder. We were looking for a logo that would encompass every characteristic of what it means to be an FCS Patriot. Our new FCS mark is bold, it is clean, and it is uniquely ours. It represents our future and places great value on our past. The goal of the re-brand was to build brand equity, communicate more effectively and develop school pride. The new look is intended to take us into the next 50 years with pride for our school, love for one another, and dedication to our mission. The new Patriot symbolizes our history and our values which remain unchanged. Our fearless Patriot is much more than a mascot. It is a representation of all of us – Alumni, Students, Teachers and Parents who share the same sentiment and boldly support and defend the heart of our school. There is a special bond supported by values, relationships and legacy here at FCS.

Patriotism is synonymous with community, traditions, and shared hopes and dreams. For every dream that is born on this campus, for every soul that is won, and for every word of encouragement there is an army of Patriots who are tirelessly dedicated to fulfilling their calling in Christ. Within the walls of Florida Christian School you will always find home. That is why, we are the Patriots.

Corporate Logo

FCS Logo

Patriot Head

Approval Policy

FCS has several high-resolution logos available upon request. If your department (internal) or organization would like to use our logo for any printed, digital or promotional material, we ask that you contact us for more information and to acquire the correct logo, seal, or other approval.

FCS Athletic Logos

Meet our Staff

Director of Digital Media and Public Relations

Jeannie Rodriguez
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305-226-8152  ext. 257

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