FCS Family Blesses Staff

As a pre-Thanksgiving token of appreciation, the Lewis Family treated all FCS faculty and staff to cuban coffee classics: cafecito, cortadito, and cafe con leche. They were all served from a fun food truck shaped as a large “cafetera” (translation: coffee maker) to celebrate our Miami espresso culture.

” A huge THANK YOU to the Lewis Family and La Cafetera for providing coffee. A small act of kindness goes a long way. Seeing that huge cafetera in our FCS parking lot brought a huge smile to my face.”

– Mrs. Kristina Rodriguez, High School Teacher

Small gestures can go a long way and we just wanted to share a cup of coffee with all of the teachers and administrators that have done so much to make this school run smoothly even in light of so many changes.

– The Lewis Family

Thank you to the Lewis family and to all of our parents, faculty, and staff! We are all reminded in these moments of who we are as a school – a family. We love you a Latte!

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