Family Experiences – Veronica Rubio

I drove up just as they finished delivering the “Class of 2020” yard sign and gift during the COVID quarantine. When Mr. King realized I missed it he said, “we’ll go back and do it again.” So they repeated the whole thing just so that I could experience it, too. And that feeling I got as I watched it was exactly the feeling I get every time I think about FCS.

People usually rate schools by the academics, activities, & opportunities offered. Those things are important, but for me the invisible qualities of a school are more important than the visible ones. You see, FCS is more than just an educational institution to me. FCS has partnered in raising my children since 2003. FCS is family. So what they teach about is as important to me as what they believe in.

Knowledge is not as important as wisdom. Intelligence is not as valuable as integrity. Test scores are not as powerful as testimonies. Curriculums don’t develop character. GPA’s don’t measure goodness & ex periences are educational, too. If we’re on the honor roll in school but don’t honor God in life, we’ve failed. Real success is not superficial – it’s spiritual. We’ll never stand before God & explain why we failed to learn math, but we will have to explain why we failed to believe in him.

So thank you, FCS for discipling as much as disciplining. For enforcing the rules, but prioritizing the relationships. For mentoring, developing, educating, encouraging, supporting, & investing in Sebastian for the past 15 years. Thank you for teaching him what God’s word says & what God’s people should do. For extending grace and modeling mercy. For loving him through the lessons & praying for him in his process. For recognizing him when he deserved it and redirecting him when he needed it. Sebastian would’ve been smart in any school. He would’ve been talented in any school. But he’s a better man because he was in this school. Because in this school he was loved. You have made a difference in Sebastian’s life & you have made one in mine, too. Thank you!

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