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Elementary Fun!

The FCS pre-kinder classes recently enjoyed Teddy Bear Week.  Each student brought their own bears to share in activities throughout the week. Mrs. Helen Garner, 4K teacher, describes the fun the bears and the students had:

“One day when we arrived at school, the bears were playing with toys. One day they were reading books about bears and another day, the bears were seated at the reading table working in our reading books. On Friday, the bears had a special treat for the boys and girls to thank them for bringing them to school. We had pajama day and ate pancakes with the bears. We had a “beary” fun week!”

Below, Mrs. Trapero’s students:

Trapero 1 Edited

Mrs. Garner’s students:

Garner (1) Edited

Garner (2) Edited


The bears enjoyed playing with toys in Mrs. Rodriguez’s room:

Rodriguez 1 Edited

Mrs. Lopez’s students:

Lopez 1