Elementary Children Partake in the Election Process

During this 2020 presidential election, our elementary students also participated by engaging in a mock election as they casted their votes on ballots. Children stood in line, socially distant, waiting in anticipation. They privately casted their vote, placed it in the ballot box, and even took home a lollipop to celebrate the moment. They celebrated the notion they understand to be true – their vote matters and it makes all the difference.

To prepare them for election day, our students have been learning through resources such as the book, “I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference” by Mark Shulman, which provides voting examples such as class pets or favorite desserts and also introduces the basic concepts of democracy in a way that’s accessible and appropriate for even our youngest students. Our curriculum has also been teaching our students about the branches of the American government, how we elect local and state officials, and more.

Our teachers believe that even more than just imparting knowledge, we are teaching our children what a privilege it is to vote. It is a privilege, as FCS Patriots, to teach our students the value of good citizenship and love for our country.

We live in the best country in the world! The freedoms and rights we enjoy have come at a great cost. Many men and women have risked and lost their lives to defend our freedoms including the right to vote. We feel that it is extremely important to instill a love for our country, its freedoms, and the responsibilities we have, to our students.

Mrs. Kostowski and Mrs. Ledon – 1st grade teachers
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