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Weekly Word from Dr. Andrews – January 21, 2020

Weekly Word from Dr. Andrews – January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020

Writing in Decision magazine, Kristen Waggoner stated, “Unlike in any other nation, religious freedom and free speech have flourished in America. For over two centuries, our culture has enjoyed rigorous debate, intellectual individualism and an unfettered pursuit of truth by people of all faiths and people of no faith. Our founders wisely protected these God-given freedoms via the United States Constitution, and the First Amendment in particular. But today, some question whether these protections can survive in our increasingly intolerant culture.” As a result, we as parents and educators are in a battle for the very minds of our young people, even our youngest children. The enemy is propagating a dangerous philosophy of skepticism about God and His Son Jesus, which is endorsed by government schools, the media, the entertainment industry, the courts, and a majority of those in the government of this once Christian nation. The result has been the decline of Christianity and the beginning of a post-Christian America. This rejection of God and His authority individually and nationally, in a culture which was once predominantly Christian, should awaken all of us who want our children and grandchildren to pursue the God of the Bible. We must understand that there is a battle for the minds of the next generation. Unfortunately, this battle is not recognized by every Christian parent or even every Christian, but it is very real.

As we enter into the time of enrolling students in our school for the coming school year, I am reminded once again that Florida Christian School exists as a school because of this battle. Many parents bring their children to Florida Christian School because they perceive that their children will have an opportunity to receive a better education, or that it will be safer than the public school, or it provides better discipline than the school they are at. While all of these reasons are valid, it is not the primary reason as to why we exist. The reason that FCS exists, and the urgency which drives our existence, is in fact, because of the battle that we face for the minds of our students.

Further, I believe it is not only our responsibility to teach our students from a Christian world view, but we have the additional responsibility to equip our students to defend their faith. The Bible says in Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” As a Christian school we approach the education of our students from the point of view that God created man in His image and is morally responsible and dependent on Him. This is diametrically opposite from the postmodern approach that questions the existence of God and man’s need to respond to Him. I Corinthians 2:6-7 tells us, “We speak the message of wisdom among the mature, but not the wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age who are coming to nothing. No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden, and that God has destined for our glory before time began.

As our faculty plan their lessons and class time activities, they put into perspective this principle that there are two kinds of wisdom, the wisdom of God and the wisdom of the world. Not to teach our students the wisdom of God leaves their minds open only to the wisdom of the world. As educators and parents, we recognize the importance of health, personality development, and mental development, but we recognize that in this battle for the minds and hearts of the next generation, nothing is more important than the spiritual condition of the young people who come into our classrooms every day, and the eternal importance of winning them to Jesus Christ. The postmodern system we live in emphasizes the present world and measures success by life achievement and wealth. As believers we recognize the importance of the present life primarily because it is in this life every individual must decide what they will do with Jesus Christ and where they will spend eternity.

I know God has blessed Florida Christian School, and many other school’s like ours, because of our willingness to join the battle for the minds of students. We carry the fight and are on the front lines because we recognize that the prevailing mindset within education in America today is determined to corrupt our children and leave the teaching of God’s Word out of the educational process of our young people. May God help us here at Florida Christian School to continue to faithfully teach His truth and never give up the struggle for the precious hearts and minds of the children God has entrusted us with.

If you have not re-enrolled your student(s) yet, I would encourage you to do so today.

Dr. Andrew