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Weekly Word from Dr. Andrews – August 19, 2019

Weekly Word from Dr. Andrews – August 19, 2019

August 19, 2019

As Christian parents, we like to quote the verse, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he or she is old, they will not depart from it,” Proverbs 22:6. We remember this verse because we know that our children grow up and eventually leave the safety of our influence and protection. We also know that the world will seek to swallow them up and lead them away from how we intended to raise them. This verse implies being proactive in teaching our children to walk in the ways of the Lord, guiding them in the steps they should take, not just letting them go until they do something wrong and then correcting them. It is not intended, however, to be a safety net that somehow insures that our children will never stray away from living their life for God. The fact is, our children are accountable for themselves to God, and must make right decisions for that to be a reality in their life. The key word in this verse is the word train. Training is what parenting is all about, and for us as educators our role in training is to come alongside parents and assist them in training their children. To train a child is incredibly hard work, for parents, and for teachers, but there is no greater responsibility that is given to parents and to us as teachers. So as we find ourselves in the daily role of training and nurturing we need to be reminded of Proverbs 22:6, and of the effort and hard work it takes to actually see it fulfilled in the lives of our children.

During our teacher preparation week, we focused on the mission and purpose of our Christian school. Our faculty was challenged with the question, “Can FCS fulfill its mission as a Christian School in 21st Century Miami, Florida?

Our stated school mission is “FCS exists to develop well rounded students through excellent academics and extracurricular activities, while seeking to win the lost for Christ and equip students with the skills and knowledge to change the world for Christ.” Our scriptural background in our training was from Acts 5 which speaks of how the early church existed in a very pagan society and was still highly regarded by people in their community, but also faced challenges and even persecution.

We know that to be entrusted with the training of children by the families of our school, we must have a solid reputation and be held in high esteem in our community. We must be known as an outstanding academic school that produces productive citizens who desire to make our community a better place. We must also demonstrate our desire as a school to actively minister to those in our community who need our help. We have learned that Christians in the society that we live in have the most success when we offer a spiritual alternative to what the world offers. Our faculty and staff will share their own experience of trusting in God in their daily lives and by their faithfulness to proclaim the Gospel in and out of the classroom. We know that our own lifestyle, attitude, and testimony must back up what we say here at school with our students in order for them to believe what we say.

So we realize that we have a great challenge in our community as a Christian school. The fact is, we have become one of the last Christian schools standing for the truths of the Gospel in our community. We need to pray as never before for God’s protection on our children, our homes, our churches, and our Christian school.

In our homes we as parents must be willing to follow God’s instructions for raising our children. This includes Biblical discipline and teaching our children to obey and respect God’s authority, as well as the authority of us as parents and for the teachers in the classrooms. It includes modeling Christian behavior in front of our children and following God’s plan for structure in the home. The reality of parenting is that our time with our children goes by quickly, and before we realize it our children are grown and our influence on them has become much less than when they were young children. That’s why the Bible tells us in Proverbs that if we love our children we will train them early in their lives.

Training our children as God intended is certainly not easy, but God does not require us to do the impossible. In James 1:5-6 it says, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone.”

Dr. Andrews