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Weekly Word from Dr. Andrews

October 1, 2018

Bill Nye, the “science guy, in speaking about children, who are taught to believe in the Genesis account of Creation said, “I worry about these kids, they are part of my society. We can’t raise a generation of students who don’t understand the fundamental idea of all of life science, any more than you would want to raise a generation of kids who don’t understand chemistry, physics, or arithmetic.”

His is only one of the attacks on people who believe God’s Word to be true, and certainly will not be the last. In the New Testament, John was writing to believers about the way they would be perceived outside the body of believers. He says in I John 3:13, “Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.” As Christians in a world that is ever more hostile to our beliefs and in an intellectual environment that is increasingly more belligerent to our philosophy as Christian educators, we should not be surprised to find that the world hates us and scoffs at our acceptance of God’s Word as truth. The question for parents today is, will we pass on truth to our children through our faith in God and belief in His Word?

One of the problems we face as Christian parents is that in the culture we live in is the acceptance that truth can change from person to person and from belief system to belief system. Obviously Mr. Nye’s belief system does not accept the Biblical account of Creation and further he does not believe that “true” science and the Biblical account of Creation are compatible. Unfortunately, his perception leads him to the conclusion that a parent who would “indoctrinate” his or her child with the Biblical account of Creation is paramount to a form of child abuse. I hope each of you realize how prevalent this view is and most of all how dangerous this type of thinking is to our raising our children independent of a humanistic point of view embraced by a majority of our culture.

As a Christian school we are able to separate genuine science from a humanistic philosophical belief. It is the teaching of evolution, not Biblical Christianity, that confuses the two. In fact, what “naturalist scientists” label as science, in relation to origins, is actually, their own personal philosophy which begins with rejecting the possibility of a Creator. In the world we live in, science has come to be defined by the naturalistic philosophy and the acceptable scientific answer is always the theory that appeals to natural forces alone, without the possibility of the Biblical account. In short, they must accept by faith the evolutionist account, just as we accept the biblical account of Creation by faith.

We must be clear about what we are up against and what our students encounter outside of our school. The moment a Christian student questions evolution in the secular college, they are immediately labeled as a non-intellectual who is trying to halt the progress of “real” science. When we as a school dare to question Darwinism, we are viewed through the eyes of a culture who believe that evolution pits science versus religion. Our culture has been led to accept that followers of Christ who believe the Bible to be true, oppose science. but the fact is, we as a Christian school oppose bad science based on theory, and choose to teach better science based on the authority of the Word of God.

How is it that the majority of the earth’s population has come to accept the idea of evolution? The answer is actually found in scripture. Eccl. 3:11, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from the beginning to the end.” As human beings we are made to worship, as the verse says God has set eternity in our hearts. Man does not have the option of being non-religious. Our only choice is what we worship. As fallen creatures, we are rebellious against God. We want to be the boss. We want to take God’s place in our lives. The theory of evolution has tremendous appeal because it gives human beings the excuse to eliminate God from their thinking. The truth is, that Darwinism is the official creed in our public and secular schools, (and some “Christian schools as well), not because of what is seen through a microscope or a telescope, or even in an honest view of the fossil record; it is what is in the hearts of man. It is man’s philosophy, not science. Darwinism functions as the cornerstone which props up a naturalist worldview.

Do we believe that most people accept the theory of evolution because they want to eliminate God in their thinking, or because they assume that evolutionary theory is supported by the facts? Is everyone who believes the theory of evolution dishonest and rebellious against God? Absolutely not! Most people have accepted this teaching as a fact because they have failed to think for themselves, and for many it is the only view thy have ever been exposed to. Those who have been indoctrinated with Darwinism continue to propagate the theory without realizing how it developed or whether it is a belief rather than scientific fact.

I believe that much of Darwinism is not science, but rather naturalistic philosophy masquerading as science. So an honest debate between Darwinism and Christianity is not fact versus fact, but philosophy versus philosophy, worldview versus worldview. Because of its widespread acceptance, the teaching of evolution has great power to influence. It is not a benign scientific theory that does not matter. It is a devastatingly destructive idea that continues to take a toll on our society, our families, and our children. The “science guy’s” statements remind us of our responsibility as Christian educators and parents to remain committed to teaching our children the truth and the “real” science which is contained in God’s Word.

Dr. Andrews