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Weekly Word by Dr. Andrews

Weekly Word by Dr. Andrews

May 25, 2020

The Senior High and elementary graduation parades last week were a great testimony of what God has continued to do at FCS throughout this crisis, which has required all of our administrators and faculty to reach deep inside to respond to the most difficult circumstances of their career’s here at FCS. As the students passed by with their families, it reminded me of the sacrifice made by our parents over the years, to have provided for them a Christian education. Mrs. Andrews and I had the privilege to pass out Bibles to seniors who have been at FCS their entire 1st – 12th grade experience, many of whom began in Pre-school or Kindergarten, and many who have brothers and sisters who have already graduated or whose siblings are still at FCS. There were also high school graduates whose parents graduated from FCS, which definitely reminded me just how long God has allowed Katie and I to serve in this ministry.

Our team of innovators who assembled and presented the remote learning plan and the special events including the Senior and elementary parades, was led by Mrs. Christina Blanco, who along with her team, which included Mr. King, Mrs. Batista, Mr. Stemmer, Mr. Hernandez, Mrs. Frometa, Sheila Felder and others, presented the plan to the administration, and it was implemented day one following spring break. It was truly amazing. In a year which is ending with no similarity to previous years, our administrators, faculty and staff have provided quality remote learning, virtual band and choral concerts, drama presentations, art presentations, chapel, awards presentations and now graduation events. We are certainly blessed at FCS for the God given talent that has made all of this a success. To God be the glory!

In this final Weekly Word for the 2019-20 school year, I want to leave each of you with words of encouragement and challenge, words to help you be confident in how God watches over his people and His ministry. For those of you who are feeling discouraged or maybe just exhausted, remember it is Satan who will try to place thoughts in your mind that maybe someone else could do a better job, or maybe your really not cut out for this. Maybe you are second guessing yourself as to how you handled a situation at home or in your classroom this year, or maybe someone said something that discouraged you. Others may have finished feeling fully confident in their teaching or in their parenting during these unusual circumstances. Most of us tend toward one extreme or the other, yet both are equally treacherous. In either case, as a teacher or parent, it is Satan who subtly places discouragement in our path that causes us to lack confidence in our ability to be successful based on our feelings and perception. When this happens, success or failure then is reduced down to questioning ourselves whether or not we did enough and that we did it right. As a parent, or as teachers and administrators, our confidence can be shaken in trying times like what we are currently going through.

Paul had a strikingly different view of the Christian life, and how we should respond to the trying circumstances of life. Paul wrote in II Corinthians 3:4-5, “Our confidence,”, “…is ours through Christ. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.” Paul never boasted about his talents or ministry accomplishments or bemoaned his weaknesses and shortcomings. He gave total credit to God. Paul’s attitude, which is opposite of our American “pick yourself up by your bootstraps and be all you can be” culture, is realistic. We really are nothing in ourselves, and we do not deserve to claim anything for ourselves. Our competence and whatever success we may have, comes from God alone. The idea that God “has made us competent” is more powerful than some of us may like to think. It means that anyone, yes anyone, regardless of their background, can do ministry. If God has called you to the ministry of teaching in this Christian school, then you CAN do it. Parents, your calling to parent the children God has given you is from the Lord. Our ministry at school and at home has very little to do with us, but everything to do with Him. Once we get over our own personal feelings, this powerful truth can elevate us to new heights in our ministry. It can keep us stable when we feel inadequate and humble when we begin to be full of ourselves, even during a pandemic. So in response to His Word, may God grant us the humility that we need for effective ministry in our homes and in our school. May we see ourselves as completely incompetent apart from Christ, and may He empower us with unspeakable confidence in Christ to accomplish more than we could ever imagine on our own. With this in mind we can look forward to the coming year, no matter how we might be finishing this present one, or what the coming year may look like.

Finally, I want to honor our High School Principal, Mr. Jim Arnold who is retiring this year. Mr. Arnold has served at FCS since 1976. He has faithfully given his life to this ministry. In every position, teacher, coach, and HS principal, he has worked tirelessly to make our school greater, for the glory of the Lord. I will miss him greatly. FCS will miss him greatly. Well done, Mr. Arnold, you are a good and faithful servant of the Lord!!

Dr. Andrews