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Required Credits*

English – 4 credits
Math – 4 credits
Science – 4 credits
Social Studies – 4 credits
Personal Fitness – ½ credit
Health – ½ credit
Bible – 1 credit for each year attending FCS
Foreign Language – 2 credits in same language*
Electives – 3 credits
FLVS  Online – 1 high school level course*

*All required courses must be completed with a minimum average of 60% in order to receive credit.

*All FLVS course work must be completed by May 1st in order to guarantee a completed transcript by graduation day.

*Seniors Must complete at least 1 segment of Spanish 2 before the beginning of Senior year to avoid taking Spanish 2 at FCS.

Completion of one FLVS online course is required for graduation.

FLVS Instructions

3 options for completing language requirements.  Credits are needed for both FCS graduation and Bright Futures Scholarship eligibility.

  1. FCS Spanish course. Spanish 1 and 2 are offered as elective courses at FCS.  This is the easiest way to get it done.
  2. FLVS online courses. This option takes care of both the language and online requirements.  Online language courses are designed to last a whole school year.  Both segments of the course are required to receive credit.   Completing segments during the summer makes it easier to manage.  Many students find it hard to keep up with their regular school coursework and complete the weekly assignments required by FLVS
  3. Spanish CLEP test: This is a Spanish proficiency test that is completed at Miami Dade College.  Both high school and college credit are awarded if the student receives a passing score.  Credit for both years of Spanish may be awarded if the target score is achieved.  Practice test information may be requested from Mrs. Frometa  dfrometa@floridachristian.org

CLEP Instructions

80 service hours are required to graduate from FCS.  Students may begin acquiring these hours as soon as they complete the 8th grade.  The Bright Futures Scholarship requires 75 hours to be eligible for the Medallion scholarship and 100 hours to be eligible for the Academic scholarship.

Community Service Hours Form

Students are required to take at least one college entrance test before they graduate.  The best time to start preparing is the summer before 11th grade, but some choose to begin earlier.  FCS English and Math curriculums are designed to prepare students for college entrance testing.

Practice tests hosted by Revolution Prep are offered several times a year on campus. Click here to learn more.

Register for your SAT/ACT:

SAT Registration

ACT registration

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College Application Checklist

This checklist will help the class of 2021 and their parents navigate the process and make sure that everything is completed in a timely manner. 

College Information Presentation

Did you miss our informational college presentation or would like to review the content discussed?

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