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Family Experiences – Lieutenant Governor Nuñez

Lieutenant Governor Nuñez’ connection with Florida Christian School began when two of her children attended and then recently graduated from FCS. We were very excited for her to return on-campus as she communicated priceless insight and wisdom with our next generation of Patriots. During her panel discussion, she shared more about her experience as an FCS parent and the value of Christian education.

FCS Family Blesses Staff

Small gestures can go a long way and we just wanted to share a cup of coffee with all of the teachers and administrators that have done so much to make this school run smoothly even in light of so many changes.

Family Experiences – Veronica Rubio

I drove up just as they finished delivering the “Class of 2020” yard sign and gift during the COVID quarantine. When Mr. King realized I missed it he said, “we’ll go back and do it again.” So they repeated the whole thing just so that I could experience it, too. And that feeling I got […]

Family Experiences – The Escarda Family

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Dr. Andrews, and all of the FCS staff for all the efforts in trying to make this time that we’re all going through, during COVID-19, more comfortable. FCS has extended their love and kindness, assuring us that everything is going to be OK and giving us […]

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