Board of Directors

Pictured left to right (Back Row): Dr. Leigh Byers, Frank Rivas, Paul Vignau, Bob Felder – President, Joseph Padron – Vice President, Oliver Garcia, and Robert Lewis.

Pictured left to right (Front Row): Luis Rodriguez, Alex Ledon, Manny Bersach, Eric Schlotman – Secretary, and Ray Fernandez-Andes – Treasurer. 

Board of Directors

Bob Felder, President
Joseph Padron, Vice President
Eric Schlotman, Secretary
Ray Fernandez-Andes, Treasurer
Oliver Garcia
Alex Ledon
Frank Rivas
Luis Rodriguez
Paul Vignau

Corporate Board

Manuel Bersach, Dr. Leigh Byers, Bob Felder, Ray Fernandez-Andes, Oliver Garcia, Gary Johnson, Alex Ledon, Robert Lewis, Joseph Padron, Frank Ramos, Frank Rivas, Luis Rodriguez, Emanuel Roque, Eric Schlottman,  and Paul Vignau.


Experience FCS

The best way to see what it's like at FCS is to come visit our campuses.

TOTY 2021 – FCS Teacher of the Year Awards

TOTY 2021: After the most challenging year in the life of any educator and school, we have reached several #FCSMilestones. Being able to celebrate all that God has done in our school through the diligent work of an entire team and highlighting those whose excellence was noticed by their peers, is priceless (sorry for the cliché!).

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