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FCS’s Inaugural Lacrosse Team

FCS’s inaugural JV Lacrosse Team began training and competing this year under the leadership of Head Coach Joe Burmeister and Asst. Coach Domingo Mendez.

Team member Diego Coviella is thankful that FCS Athletic Director, Mr. Ed Riggan, has put so much effort into forming the team and that the team has been provided with good equipment.  About the players, Daniel stated, “The team members are dedicated. They hustle; even those who don’t know the game well come out and play with a good attitude.”

Tenth grader Ian Mendez said, “It’s a great game and I’m glad that our school is able to participate in it.” Ian also mentioned that lacrosse coaches from other teams have commented on FCS having one of the best starting programs in the area.

God bless the FCS Lacrosse Team!  Go Patriots!

Team Members:

8th Grade: Jordan Burmeister, Danny Roque

9th Grade: John Cabrera, Jose Calero, Nick Maggi, Danny Miranda,

10th Grade: Joshua Arauz, Mario Arenas, Michael Cabanas, Diego Coviella, Rene Diaz, Alex Fernandez, Alexander Lorenzo, Ian Mendez, Tyler Palmer, Jack Pertierra, Juan Ramirez,  Zack Toy

First day of practice 2015 Edited2-12-2015 Edited

First FCS Lacrosse Goal – scored by Michael Cabanas #23First Goal Scorec - Michael Cabanas

Jack Pertierra #2

R (63)[1]

Ian Mendez #11

R (12)[1]

Diego Coviella #7

R (140)[2]