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Eighth Grader Takes On Headmaster!

As Dr. Robert Andrews, FCS Headmaster, walked through the gym today during a middle school physical education class, he asked eighth grader Janelle Garcia to pass the ball to him.  Soon, Dr. Andrews and Janelle were playing a one-on-one game.  Dr. Andrews explained, “Janelle made the first shot; then she made the second shot, and I thought ‘oh-oh’ “.

Janelle shared, “He’s really good! He beat me!”  It was a close game with the final score 5-4. Janelle was happy to know that Dr. Andrews told Coach Whitfield that she was a good player. Janelle was a bit embarrassed but she said she was glad they had played; she had fun!

What a blessing to have an administrator who takes the time to interact with students in such a positive way!

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