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FCS Art Students Win Directors Choice Award

Congratulations to Daniela Molinares (Grade 10) and Carlos Rios (Grade 7) for receiving the Directors Choice Award at the Dade Heritage Days Student Art and Photography Competition on March 13th. Florida Christian School won 2nd place in the overall High School competition and Honorable Mention in the Middle School competition.

Dade Heritage Trust’s Art and Photography Competition is a visual arts competition for students in Miami-Dade County. The theme for Dade Heritage Days 2015 is Building Miami and celebrates Miami’s historic and contemporary architecture, cultural diversity, and their role in Miami’s quality of life and attraction as a top tourist destination.

Daniela Molinares has lived in Miami for just 18 months, having moved from Columbia.  Daniela explained that when Mrs. Pitelli told her the theme of the contest was Miami’s architecture, she knew right away she wanted to draw the Colony Hotel because she had seen it when she first arrived in Miami and felt it was the perfect example of Miami’s architectural history. She said she wasn’t happy with her first few attempts, but she worked at it and her artwork finally came together, securing her the Directors Choice Award.

Daniela Molinares with her work:

Dade Heritage Days 2 Edited

Carlos Rios has been a student at FCS since pre-K.  He chose to do his artwork based on the Actor’s Playhouse in Coral Gables. Carlos says he loves living in Miami and he enjoyed making this special artwork piece using small pieces of paper. Note the clever name of the “attraction” being shown at the playhouse on Carlos’ piece.

Carlos Rios’ artwork:

Dade Heritage Days 3 Edited

Carlos Rios:

Carlos Rios (3)

Dade Heritage Days 1 Edited