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FCS Art Students Honored at Lowe Art Museum

FCS is proud to congratulate art students Emily Abella (12th Grade), Krysten Garcia (12th Grade), Audrey Castellanos (8th Grade) and Michael Ramos (8th Grade).  Their art pieces were selected by the Lowe Art Museum to represent Florida Christian School in the Student Art Showcase at the Beaux Arts Festival of Art hosted by the University of Miami on Jan. 17-18, 2015.

Special congratulations go to 8th grader, Michael Ramos. His artwork won first place in the category of Mixed Media. Michael’s winning piece is on display in the main campus front office.

Art teacher Ms. Cristina Parodi stated, “This is a great achievement for these students!”

Emily Abella with her work entitled, “I Am Loved”. Emily saw a picture in a magazine and she “tweeked it to make it my own.”  Interestingly, the girl in her drawing looks like Emily, although Emily was not going for a self-portrait as she worked.

IMG_0322 Edited

Krysten Garcia with her artwork entitled, “I Love You Tata”.  Tata was Krysten’s dear grandfather.

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Michael Ramos with his award-winning mixed media self-portrait entitled, “Hold The Broccoli”. This work was done using pieces of torn magazine pages:

IMG_0331 Edited

IMG_0347 Edited

Audrey Castellanos holding her mixed media self-portrait entitled “Purple Dream”.  This piece was created by Audrey using pieces of torn magazine pages:

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