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Band Officers’ Retreat 2015

Submitted by: 11th Grader Grace Harrington, Band Public Relations Officer

On August 9th, the bodacious 2015 Band Officers departed on their annual retreat. This year the officers went to Tampa for a visit to Busch Gardens. This closely knit group of band geeks was able to bond with each other through many inside jokes, selfies, lip-sync battles, and Bible devotionals.

Band Officers 3

Back Row: David Ramos, Joshua Goff, Julian Millan, Mr. Tim Miner

Middle Row: Mrs. Angela Goff, Grace Harrington, Cassidy Dorway, Eli Isidron

Front Row: Mrs. Katie Miner, Rebecca Jauregui, Daniela Guevara

As musicians, we are naturally inclined to push ourselves to accomplish our goals. During a Ropes Course at FIU, we were forced out of our comfort zones and had to do everything to the best of our abilities. Solely relying on the hands of our fellow officers, one by one, each officer had to climb and trust in the person holding their safety rope. The bonding exercises we performed brought us even closer together as a family.

Band Officers 2

We had the most fun sitting in our hotel room, crying with laughter at our band directors and friends lip-synced to songs like Bad Blood, Shake it Off, Chandelier, Party in the U.S.A., and Careless Whispers. In the end, Mr. Miner edged out for the win with his song against Joshua Goff. We now plan on holding annual lip-sync battles exclusively, for the Officer Retreats.

Finally, the most beneficial aspect of this trip was our time spent praying and teaching each other about the Word. We were able to deepen our relationships spiritually with God and our friends. Nothing is more powerful than being able to exchange prayer requests and knowing that you will be prayed for.

The Band Officer Retreat was the most laugh-filled, bonding trip I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We are all extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity. Those of us who are not yet seniors, look forward to the next trip. And those who are seniors, will be missed by the younger officers in the following year.

Band Officers 1