Alumni Spotlight – Christine Cruz

I was 14 and had called the school to set up a meeting with Headmaster, Dr. Andrews.  You see, I really wanted to attend Florida Christian School but my mom, a single parent, couldn’t afford the full tuition price, which if I recall correctly was $190 a month at the time. School policy dictated that families could only apply for financial aid once students had attended the school for at least a year.  I asked to meet the Headmaster so I could try to convince him to waive that requirement so my mom could afford to send me to FCS. I remember sitting nervously across from him in his office. Dr. Andrews patiently listened to my story as I tried to reassure him I deserved the chance…promising to work hard academically to prove it. He nodded his head, smiled, and gave me the chance and financial break my family needed to make my high school dreams a reality.

I started attending FCS my Sophomore year and graduated Valedictorian,  Class of ‘88. Dr. Andrews approached me after my graduation speech and told me how glad he was that FCS had given me that chance a few years back and that he was proud of me! 

I know Dr. Andrews has touched many lives throughout the years, but I just wanted him and all of you to know, that even after all these years, my heart is still filled with gratitude.

I now have two grown kids, Lucas, 21 and Leah 19. Both are college students now….and the baby of the family is our 2-year-old German Shepherd Lucy. As far as work, I’ve been a TV news anchor for Channel 7 here in Miami since 1996. I anchor the daily newscast from 5 to 10 am and then again from noon to 1. My husband of 3 years coaches college football in Louisville so although I live and work here in Miami we both travel back and forth quite a bit. 

Thank you, Dr. Andrews and Florida Christian School for your kindness. Thank you for saying Yes. Most importantly, thank you for showing your faith, by putting some in a 14-year-old kid who really needed to see it! 

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