A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

2017-2018 Tuition & Fees


2017-18 New Student Application Fee (non-refundable)

Application fee is due with the RenWeb Online Application for new students.

Grades 3K and 4K $ 40.00
Grades 5k to 12th $ 200.00


2017-18 New Student Enrollment & Re-enrollment Fee (non-refundable)

Enrollment fee is due with the RenWeb Online Enrollment.

Grades 3K and 4K $ 200.00
Grades 5K to 12th* $ 500.00

*Early enrollment fee (new students) and re-enrollment (current students) is $400 until January 31st, 2017.
*February 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017, enrollment fee – $500
*Late re-enrollment starting on June 1, 2017 – $650


2017-18 Annual Tuition Rates by Grade

Pre-School (3K & 4K) $ 4,775.00
Kindergarten (5K) $ 9,025.00
Elementary (1st to 5th) $ 10,075.00
Secondary (6th to 12th) $ 11,475.00


2017-18 Tuition Rates, Improvement Fee and Book/Class Fees by Grade

Every family is required to select a tuition payment plan at the time of enrollment/ re-enrollment. The payment plan includes Tuition, Family Improvement Fee, and Book /Class Fee in equal installments consistent with the payment plan selected:

Annual Payment in full due June 1st (5% Tuition discount when not paid by credit card)
Semester 50% payment due June 1st and December 1st (2.5% Tuition discount when not paid by credit card)
Monthly First payment due June 1st or at time of enrollment. There will be 12 monthly installments due during the 1st – 20th of the month (Parents may not select a payment date after the 20th of the month due)

– Net of Annual Plan Tuition Discount of 5% when paid by the due date via Automatic Electronic Bank Draft. Includes Tuition Enrollment Installment (non-refundable). Discount is forfeited when not paid by the due date. Discount is forfeited when paid by Credit Card.

– Net of Semester Plan Tuition Discount of 2 ½% when paid by the due date via Automatic Electronic Bank Draft. The first installment includes Tuition Enrollment Installment (non-refundable). Discount is forfeited when not paid by the due date of each installment. Discount is forfeited when paid by Credit Card.


2017-18 Tuition Enrollment Installment Due 6/1 (non-refundable)

Tuition Enrollment is due for each student on June 1st or at the time of enrollment, which ever is later. Enrollment is not complete until the Tuition Enrollment is paid in full. The Tuition Enrollment Installment is a part of the Annual Tuition Rate per grade. Regardless of payment plan selected, the non-refundable tuition installment per grade is 1/10 of annual tuition.


Fixed Fees

Improvement Fee $500 (non-refundable)

Improvement Fee of $500.00 is due from each family (household) at the time of enrollment. The Improvement Fee may be paid over installments consistent with the payment plan selected. Regardless of payment plan selected, the non-refundable improvement fee is due in full to FCS.

Book / Class Fee (non-refundable)

Book / Class Fee (Kindergarten – Elementary) and Class Fee (Secondary) is due for each student at the time of Enrollment. The Book/Class Fee may be paid over installments consistent with the payment plan selected, at the rates stated below:

Kindergarten (5K) $ 225.00
Elementary (1st – 4th) $ 350.00
Elementary (5th) $ 425.00
Secondary (6th – 12th) $ 75.00

The cost for textbooks and workbooks that are consumed by our pre-school students are included in the monthly tuition payments. Regardless of payment plan selected, the non-refundable book/ class fee is due in full to FCS.

Kindergarten and elementary students will be assessed a book fee between $225 and $425, respectively, for all textbooks and workbooks provided by the school.

Secondary students (grades 6-12) must purchase textbooks and workbooks from Classbook.com and ABeka books from the FCS bookstore. Other books not available at Classbook.com can be purchased from the FCS bookstore. Classbook.com will conduct a book buy-back at the end of the school year. Only books which will be used by the school the following year and have not been written in or damaged, will qualify for the book buy-back program. E textbooks will be available for various books used in our curriculum. Parents will have the option of purchasing available texts in the electronic format.


Payment Plans

In keeping with our desire to offer convenience and flexibility in the payment process, we are partnering with FACTS Tuition Management service www.factsmgt.com, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. This partnership will provide the convenience of 21st century technology with additional options that fit the needs of every FCS family. This service will include:

– Flexibility in payment plans (monthly, semester and annual payments
– Multiple payment methods
– 24/7 payment assistance
– Convenient access through the RenWeb portal directly or through the school’s website

We are pleased to continue to offer three tuition payment plans to our families. Every family is required to select a tuition payment plan and complete the information required for automatic payments during enrollment.


After School Care

(Pre-school through 5th grade students)

Our After School Care program is open until 6:00 PM every day that school is in session.  This service is provided to you at a monthly rate in addition to your tuition charges.  After School Care is also available at an hourly rate of $4.50 per hour.

The following chart details the pick-up times and monthly rates:

PRESCHOOL 3K & 4K $176.00 $245.00
5 KINDER – 5TH GRADE $  83.00 $140.00

Click here for the After School Care form.

Financial credit will not be given for non-attendance in the After School Care program.  Payments are made in 9 payments beginning on September 1.  There is an additional charge for non-school days that the After School Care is open.  The After School Care program closes at 6:00 p.m.  Parents who pick up children after 6:00 p.m. will be charged $1 per minute per child.


Other Fees and Services

Florida Christian School provides after school care and other extracurricular activities. Additional fees may apply for these services. Student Support Services (Discovery and Reading) Rates and Fees – these rates are in addition to the above rates.


Multiple Child Discount

Tuition is assessed at the full rate for the oldest student attending Florida Christian School from the same family (household). A multiple child discount is granted for each additional sibling enrolled living in the same household at the following rates:

10% discount – 2nd student
20% discount – 3rd student
30% discount – 4th student


Withdrawal – Dismissal

Withdrawals from school must be made through the school Business Office.  A Withdrawal Form must be signed by the financially responsible parent or legal guardian.

After careful consideration, a student may be dismissed when he or she is found out of harmony with the regulations and policies of the school or for excessive demerits.  Excessive demerits include receiving: fifty (50) demerits during a grading period, or forty (40) demerits during two consecutive grading periods, or sixty (60) demerits during a school year.

Students must turn in all school issued equipment, team uniforms, library books, etc., on his/her last day of attending school.  All accounts must be clear for records to be released.

Following a student’s withdrawal or dismissal, school records and report cards will not be given to families whose financial account is past due.  Students who attend a portion of a month will be liable for the entire month of tuition.  All non- refundable fees, i.e., Tuition Enrollment Installment, Improvement Fee, Book or Class Fee are due in full, regardless of the payment plan selected.  Families who withdraw their student or who are dismissed will not receive a refund.  The only refunds permitted will be for those families who have paid in advance more than one month of tuition for periods after the withdrawal / dismissal date.


If you have any questions, feel free to email admissions@floridachristian.org. We look forward to serving you!