A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

Textbooks & Workbooks


The cost for textbooks and workbooks that are consumed by our pre-school students are included in the monthly tuition payments.

Kindergarten and elementary students will be assessed a book fee between $200 and $350, respectively, for all textbooks and workbooks provided by the school.

Secondary students (6-12 grades)

Textbooks, E textbooks and workbooks must be purchased for grades 6-12 from Classbook.com. Those textbooks not available at Classbook.com (i.e. ABeka Books) can be purchased from the school bookstore.

Classbook Virtual Bookstore will conduct a book buy back at the end of the school year. Only books which will be used by the school the following year and have not been written in or damaged will qualify for the book buy back program.