A Private, Non-denominational Christian School in Miami, FL

FL School Choice Scholarships

Florida Christian School accepts students on the John M. McKay Scholarship, Step Up for Students Program and the Gardiner Scholarships (formerly PLSA).

Your child must apply, be accepted and enrolled as a student at FCS before the scholarship registration deadline. Enrollment is complete once all enrollment fees have been paid.

All students, regardless of learning need have to follow the application process described under the APPLY TO FCS section of the website.


FCS does not offer a special education program. FCS does not offer inclusion, shadowing or behavioral therapies.

Our Discovery Therapy is not geared toward assisting children with autism.

Admission is based on the entrance exam along with academic and behavioral records, as well as references, recommendations and review of psycho-educational evaluation, when applicable.

All students/applicants must meet entrance requirements before being considered for Discovery therapy. Minimal entrance requirements are as follows:

> Average to above average on reading and math entrance exam scores

> Must not be more than 1 grade level behind (Grade Equivalency)

> No failing grades or classes are permitted

> Personal and school references for 6th – 12th grade students

> Required: psycho-educational evaluation (no older than 36 months)


FCS does not provide modified curriculum. Students need to be able to maintain the rigor and pace of the regular classroom.

Other services not offered: Speech, Hearing, Vision, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis – Autism), Occupational Therapy, Behavioral or Emotional therapies.


If you have already been awarded one of the above scholarships and you meet the minimum entrance requirements mentioned above, please see below. 


1. In order for FCS to register your child’s scholarship with our school:

a. Your child must apply, be accepted and enrolled as a student at FCS before the scholarship registration deadline. Enrollment is complete once all enrollment fees have been paid.

 – the application process can be found on the Apply to FCS page. Students with McKay or PLSA scholarships will need to provide additional documentation (Psycho-educational evaluation (not older than 36 months), IEP, 504 or other) as part of the required documentation to complete their application packet.

b. You must provide the scholarship award letter to Admissions before the scholarship registration deadline.

2. Other Fees: Each family is responsible for all other tuition payments and fees (i.e. Enrollment Fee, Improvement Fee, Re-enrollment Fee, books, uniforms, etc.). Please contact Esther Roque, estherr@floridachristian.org, to verify your monthly tuition payment.

*Scholarship funds are collected on a quarterly basis

3. Attendance: FCS must verify that your child has at least 95% attendance.

4. Check Endorsement: Once your check has arrived, you will be contacted by phone/ email. You must come in to the business office to endorse your check within 7 business days from the you are contacted. Your account will asses a late fee should you fail to endorse your check within the 7 days.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Admissions Department at  admissions@floridachristian.org