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Yearbook Staff In New York

Submitted by Nicole Hoffmeister (11th Grade)

The Yearbook staff made its yearly pilgrimage to New York. On Tuesday, March 15th, six students and advisers Daisy Valdes and Aileen Irias headed to New York, the capital of Design and Journalism. Specifically, the Yearbook staff went to Columbia University for three days of workshops on topics that ranged from photography to writing to design.  This was a time to gather and learn as much as possible to prepare for the following year’s yearbook. “New York was an amazing experience. I made so many memories and created close relationships with friends. One of my favorite parts of the trip was definitely seeing Les Miserables on Broadway; it is my favorite musical. I actually cried the entire time because it has always been a dream of mine to see it on Broadway in New York City. The classes we took at Columbia University were extremely interesting, and they gave me so many new ideas for next year’s yearbook. I’ve never enjoyed a trip so much, and I will definitely be going again next year,” Madeline Cisneros (11) said.

The New York trip offered countless benefits to the students that attended. Not just academically, but also personally. Many students found that the New York trip was the perfect opportunity to grow closer as a group. “I have gone to New York the last three years, and it gets better every time. Not only have I grown as a writer and editor because of the classes offered to us in Columbia University, but I’ve also gotten closer to the other yearbook staff members because of this trip. It’s a fun time where we learn and get to explore New York, and we even get to stay on Times Square. We’ve had many opportunities to see Broadway shows, which never disappoint, and this past year we even went to the Fashion Institute Museum. I’ve gone to Florida Christian for fourteen years and some of my favorite memories are from this trip,” Jacqueline Roque (12) said.

This was the trip of a lifetime for senior Joel Garcia. Garcia had never been to New York before, and needless to say, he had not been in the United States for long. It had only been a little less than two years that he had come from Cuba. He felt that God had given him such a blessing in attending FCS, but now God had given him the opportunity to go on this trip. To Garcia, it was the simple things in life that made the trip worthwhile like visiting Central Park on a cold, winter day.  “What really impressed me was seeing a city so big as New York for the first time. It was absolutely amazing looking at all the buildings, especially Times Square. I got a great view of Times Square from my room so I spent a good twenty minutes just looking out my window. When I saw it for the first time when I walked out of the shuttle I just stood there in complete awe without saying a word. I used to live in Cuba and it was such a different world. It was something new and captivating I had never seen before. Havana’s largest building has twenty floors and compared to the skyscrapers in New York it was a huge difference. New York was a trip I will never forget,” Garcia said.

Finally, it was time to head home. The yearbook staff buzzed with excitement with new ideas. But the staff also appreciated the time spent in New York, where relationships were made and strengthened.  “Our nightly devotions were a blessing, particularly the last night. We heard God’s Word and each of us had an opportunity to talk. By the end of the night, we had cried together and prayed together. This is what makes FCS a special place.  There aren’t many schools that nourish both the mind and the soul. All of us were spiritually renewed on the trip,” adviser Daisy Valdes said.