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Washington Close-Up Trip

FCS Patriots and FCS World History teacher, Mrs. Sandra Dieguez, participated in the “Close Up” trip to Washington, D.C. in November. Close Up’s High School Program is designed to give students an inside look at their democracy in action. Using the nation’s capital as a living classroom, participants get a “close up” view of government – interacting with the people, processes, and places that make this federal city so unique.


FCS Participants (L to R): Mrs. Sandra Dieguez, Marcos Buznego, Gianna Ortiz, Victoria Borque, Lucas Alonso, Isabella Pineiro, Julian Millan, Grace Harrington, Adam Octala, Kenneth Northerner, Hansel Marrero

Submitted by Grace Harrington, Grade 12:

Close Up is an experience I will never forget. From the second I arrived in Washington D.C, I was captivated by the beautiful weather, sights, and sounds of our nation’s capital. We visited several monuments such as the Lincoln, Jefferson, and MLK memorial. We even had the chance to visit the Smithsonian’s brand new African American History museum. Close-Up was a fun, educational experience that taught me a lot about our government. It provided the connections to speak with representatives of senators, such as Marco Rubio’s and Carlos Curbelo’s, visit the capital building, and hear the viewpoints of different conservatives and liberals. My personal favorite aspect of Close-Up was the workshops. The workshops were filled with students from different high schools all over the country. We held mock debates and discussed political issues in depth. I believe Close Up was the best school trip I have ever taken part in and I highly recommend the trip to anybody who has the opportunity to go. I am still in contact with the friends I have made from California and Boston. We talk every day and cheer each other onto hopefully reuniting in college. No where else could a student go on a trip and return with friends from all over the U.S., knowledge about government, and a new perspective on the country we live in.

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