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Frog Dissections Provide Surprises!

Mrs. Lisa Pericles, Middle School Science Teacher, burst into the FCS office and announced, “You’re aren’t going to believe this…as my students were dissecting frogs, they discovered undigested animals inside the frogs!”  Her students were just as excited as their teacher to make these discoveries.

As Danny Lacayo and Rebecca Menendez began to cut into their frog’s stomach, they saw what Danny described as “something that we thought was a strawberry”. As they continued dissecting, they realized the frog had an entire crayfish in its stomach!

Dena Barros, Dillon Lue and Eric Sosa worked together to dissect a frog and they discovered an undigested guppy as well as the skeleton of a guppy inside their frog’s stomach.  How exciting to witness this part of the digestion process through this method.

We are thankful that the teachers at FCS are so excited about the learning process and that our students are given a variety of learning experiences.

Below: Danny Lacayo and Rebecca Menendez

IMG_0567 Edited

Below: Dena Barros, Eric Sosa, Dillon Lue

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Below:  Students working together to dissect frogsIMG_0851

Below: Danny Lacayo & Rebecca Menendez

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Below: Crayfish found inside frog



Below: Frog stomach with guppies