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FCS Students at Harvard

Middle School Teacher Mrs. Ana Del Valle submitted names of FCS students to the Ambassador Leadership Summit held at Harvard University.  FCS is very pleased to have had three FCS Patriots chosen to participate in this worthwhile program this past summer: current 8th graders Megan Diaz, Katrina Hernandez and Nicole Molina. This one-week program focuses on teaching leadership, collaborative and presentation skills while providing opportunities to work together with people from all over the U.S. and the world.

Students were grouped in teams of 12 and worked together in a variety of activities with the culmination being a PowerPoint presentation on a selected project. Our students and their team chose to present solutions to hunger in their communities, including community gardens and distributing seed packets.  The teams also participated in community service by working with kindergarten – 3rd grade students.

The book, “The 7 Habits of Highly successful Teens” by Sean Covey was the text used during this summit. Harvard students presented seminars including one on how to apply to successfully to colleges.

When asked how this experience affected them, our Patriots replied:

Megan Diaz: “We learned how to be better leaders and we made lifelong connections. I learned ways to improve myself as a better person and leader.”

Katrina Hernandez: “Our differences united us into an unstoppable team. On the second day, when we were working together, we clicked, and I knew then what it felt like to work in a good team.”

Nicole Molina: “We learned to be patient and to listen to others as we worked together. I was surprised to see people from such different backgrounds come together in one place so successfully.”

The following was submitted by: Megan Diaz, Katrina Hernandez, and Nicole Molina, 8th Grade

When the three of us  were chosen to go to Boston for Ambassador Leaders, we couldn’t possibly have imagined the memories that we would make. When we received the keys to our dorms and the access card for the Harvard campus, we realized that this was going to be an extraordinary experience. At first, we had a hard time breaking the ice with our group, but a few games later we realized that all of us had a connection. The dinner table was filled with laughs and countless conversations, even though we had just met a few hours ago. The variety of cultures at the table was incredible, people from all over the world were engaging in usual conversations. On our way to our dorms, we almost felt like college students. As we walked by the Harvard Law school and crossed the Cambridge streets, we couldn’t have been happier.

Every day at that camp taught us lessons that we will cherish forever. Whether we were performing trust exercises at Hale reservation, learning how to be better leaders, or trying to solve hunger in our communities, we had a great time together. Today we still keep in touch with the life-long friends that we made there. We feel like we’ve known each other forever. We know that we’ll never forget the memories and lessons we learned there. Ambassador Leaders has truly changed our lives for the better, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible opportunity we had to participate in this program.

Below: Nicole Molina, Katrina Hernandez, Megan Diaz

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